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English Status For Friends

1000+ Best English Status For Friends Whatsapp, Facebook , Instagram

1000+ Best English Status For Friends Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram

A Friend can say 1 simple thing and

bring an instant smile to your face

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Friendship often ends in love ends in love but love in friendship i never

Hard times will always reveal

the real friends

True friends don’t only call you when

they need something

Our friendship is expired and

you’re not getting renewed

Our friendship is expired and you’re not getting renewed

Friends are often like flower gardens sometimes you have to weed them out

My Friends supported to fall in love and

they even supported me to forget him.

They understand me better

Walking with a Friend in the dark is better

than walking alone in the light

Friendship is like a circle. It has no origin or end

Where are the Best Friends I want to purchase one

Friends are the most important ingredients in the recipe of life

Friends come and go but enemies remain and build-up

A best friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have

Life is beautiful when Friendship is truthful

People with socially awkward personality tend to be more loyal and

faithfull to their friends when in a relationship

Stuck in a generation where friendship is just a band

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies,

but the silence of our friends

Friendship is like a star that guides the way, near and far

I and my best friends can communicate just with face expressions

English statu for friend Part

Never let your friends feel lonely Always Disturb them

Friends believe in rumors real friends believe in you


What is a friend A single soul dwelling in two bodies

Those who stand with you when you are alone are called best friends


A friend shares the good times and helps out

by listening during the bad times

Friendship is a sweet responsibility Never an opportunity

A friend will always make you smile,

specially when you don’t want to

a sweet friendship refreshes the soul

A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while

everyone else believes the smile on your face


met you as a stranger Took you as a Friend

i hope we meet in heaven where friendship never ends…

A friend is someone who gives

you total freedom to be yourself


people say love hurts, But sometimes friends

hurt us more than love

Friendship is not a big thing

But it is a million little things

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