Be Where Your Feet Are Quote?

″Making the most of every moment and breaking the unhealthy tendency of always looking ahead to the next thing,″ which translates to ″living in the here and now.″ Be mindful of the ground beneath your feet. ― Scott M. O’Neil, Be Where Your Feet Are: Seven Principles to Keep You Present, Grounded, and Thriving [Be Where Your Feet Are] [Be Where Your Feet Are]

What does “be where your feet are” mean?

Be where your feet are is a phrase that serves as a continual reminder to me, as well as a technique to constantly reminding myself to look about.Do not allow yourself to get anxious about the future or preoccupied with the past.God has something important for you to learn.

  1. The present is important.
  2. This is important.″ When I move away from distractions, God always reveals me times that He has specially prepared for me.
  3. This never fails to happen.

What is the purpose of be where your feet are by Scott?

In this book, Scott shares his Seven Principles for being ″present, grounded, and thriving″ by means of motivational story-telling pulled from his own life and presented in a tone that is light and simple to read.The book by Scott has the potential to assist readers in achieving a deeper sense of fulfillment in their life It doesn’t matter where you are in life or what you’re doing, ″Be Where Your Feet Are″ is an excellent book to read.

Is be where your feet are a good book to read?

It doesn’t matter where you are in life or what you’re doing, ″Be Where Your Feet Are″ is an excellent book to read. The experiences, beliefs, and information that form the basis of the Seven Principles that Scott transmits are applicable to readers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have achieved a variety of different sorts of success in their professions.

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How many pages is be where your feet are?

Be Where Your Feet Are: Seven Principles to Keep You Present, Grounded, and Thriving [Be Where Your Feet Are] [Be Where Your Feet Are] four and a half out of five stars. Read customer testimonials to see that the overall rating value is 4.0 out of 5. Read the following five comments: Same page url. Specifics of the Product

ISBN-13: 9781250769879
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 108,376
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)

Who is Scott O Neil?

After serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Philadelphia 76ers for the previous eight years until the summer of this past year, Scott O’Neil is now coaching the basketball team that his daughter, Kira, plays on.The subject of his most recent book, which was given the title ″Be Where Your Feet Are,″ is the significance of maintaining a healthy equilibrium between one’s personal life and one’s work life.

Who is the CEO of the Philadelphia 76ers?

Tad Brown has indicated that he is willing to accept the position of chief executive officer of both the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils, which are both owned by Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment.

Is William O’Neil still alive?

He is the developer of the CAN SLIM investing technique, in addition to being the author of the books How to Make Money in Stocks, 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success, and The Successful Investor, amongst other works.

William O’Neil
Education Southern Methodist University
Occupation Entrepreneur, Investor
Years active 1958–present
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How much does Scott O’Neil make?

In his role as Independent Director at The Hain Celestial Group Inc. in 2017, Scott O’Neil was awarded a total salary package worth $68,000. There was a total cash payment of $68,000 received, there was no equity compensation, and there was no other kind of pension or other type of compensation either.

Where does Scott O’Neil live?

He lives in New Jersey at the moment with his wife, Lisa, and their three young girls.

Does Will Smith still own 76ers?

Will Smith, an actor and singer, and his wife Jada now hold a minority share in the Philadelphia 76ers, the NBA club that represents the city of Brotherly Love and which they have supported for many years.

Does Kevin Hart own the 76ers?

Kevin Hart is a local boy from the city of Philadelphia. He is an avid supporter of Philadelphia sports teams and is a primary owner of the Philadelphia 76ers. Over the course of the past several months, he has shared his perspective on the sports scene in Philadelphia on a number of different podcasts and television shows.

Is Will Smith part owner of the 76ers?

It is true that in 2011 Will and his family made a purchase of a minority ownership in Will’s local team, the Philadelphia 76ers. However, they were a member of a group that was led by private equity investor Josh Harris, and he continues to be the primary owner of the business.

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