But Who Prays For Satan Quote?

The following is a quote from Mark Twain: ″But who prays for Satan? Who, during the course of eighteen centuries, has had the simple decency to pray for the one sinner who required forgiveness the most?

Who said “but who prays for Satan”?

Mark Twain said it best when he asked, ″But who prays for Satan? Who in eighteen centur″ (?) ″ Who exactly prays to Satan, though?

What are some famous quotes about Satan?

″Americans are the big Satan, the snake that has been wounded.″ – Ruhollah Khomeini 20.″Because Satan never fails to come up with some trouble for those with nothing better to do,″ — Isaac Watts Here are some quotes and sayings attributed to Satan.21.

  • ″It is imperative that we do not forget that Satan is also capable of miracles.″ — John Calvin, Chapter 22 ″Satan endeavors to imitate the work that God has done, and by doing so, he may fool a great number of people.

Are there references to God and Satan in the Bible?

″The figure of Satan is mentioned in the Scriptures just a single time for every hundreds of times that God is mentioned. This highlights an important theological reality that is frequently overlooked, namely that the devil is in no way comparable to God. He is not the Creator; he is only a creation. — John Ortberg 79.

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Would you rather see Satan or shake him by the tail?

I would sooner see him in person and give him a good whack on the head than any of the members of the European concert. Even according to the New Testament, Satan must have had a basic understanding of human nature; otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought Christ up on a high mountain and given him the world in exchange for him bowing down and worshiping him.

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