Doctor Who Tea Quote?

If someone offers you tea, you should never refuse it since doing so is disrespectful and can even start a war. -The Eighth Doctor in the series.

What does the Fifth Doctor think of tea?

  1. (The Invasion of Time and The Lodger were both on television; The Dying Days was a novel) Will Chandler was once given an explanation of tea by the Fifth Doctor, who referred to it as ″a terrible infusion of oriental leaves with a high percentage of deadly acid.″ Will thought it sounded disgusting, but the Doctor said, ″Personally, I really enjoy it.″ Will was surprised by the Doctor’s response.

What was the Thirteenth Doctor’s favourite tea?

The Thirteenth Doctor favored Yorkshire Tea over all other types of tea. (The Prose Version of ″The Good Doctor″) A considerable quantity of tea, including varieties such as red China, India, Earl Grey, lapsang souchong, green gunpowder, and black Russian, was left for Dr. Colin Dove by Dr. Jeremiah O’Kane.

What is the best quote from doctor who?

  1. Quotes from Doctor Who.
  2. ″The cosmos is enormous, it is very large and extremely intricate, and it is absurd.
  3. And on sometimes, albeit very infrequently, completely improbable events take place, which we refer to as miracles.
  4. That, in a nutshell, is the theory.
  5. Nine hundred years, and I’ve never even seen a single one, yet this one would suffice.
  • ″Bow ties are the way to go.″ ″I am aware that David Tennant’s performance of Hamlet will not take place until July.
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How many quotes from the Twelfth Doctor are there?

In the event that you wish to be reminded of the reasons why the Twelfth Doctor was the finest, the following ten quotations will serve as the ideal prompts. 10 ‘Shut Up!’ ″Fantastic!″ was the catchphrase of the Ninth Doctor. ″Allons-y!″ was the catchphrase of the Tenth Doctor, whereas ″Geronimo!″ was the catchphrase of the Eleventh Doctor. The Twelfth possessed.

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