He Who Controls The Narrative Quote?

  1. It is said that whoever controls the past also controls the future.
  2. Whoever governs the present also controls what happened in the past.
  3. This phrase from Orwell, which might be considered virtually educational, may be applicable not just to the dystopian world of 1984, but also to the rest of human history.
  4. As is widely known, history is a subjective narrative that is produced by those who are fortunate enough to write it.

Who controls the past controls the future quote from 1984?

  1. The phrase ″Who controls the past controls the future″ is taken from George Orwell’s novel ″1984,″ which was published in 1949.
  2. A dystopian future is portrayed in the book, in which all of the population are under to the control of a single political party.
  3. The novel that Orwell wrote during a time when information was being controlled by a minority of people has parallels to Nazi Germany.
  4. Orwell was writing at the time.

Why must you control your own narrative?

Because the vast majority of people in the public follow the popular narrative, you need to take control of your own story if you want to take charge of your own future. Acquire command of your own life! Therefore, the lesson to be learned from this experience is that you should never give other people the power to write the tale of your life.

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Can rumors control your narrative?

Rumors may drive narratives, and narratives govern your future. Who exactly is it that’s in charge of your story? A narrative is ″a story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether genuine or imaginary,″ according to the dictionary definition of the word. In point of fact, the definition includes the possibility that it is NOT true.

Do your co-workers drive your narrative?

It leads to the storyteller (the media or your co-workers) gaining greater authority, despite the fact that they do not merit any power. Don’t let your coworkers or the media dictate the story you tell about yourself. You should be wiser than that; you should drive your own narrative, and you should be cautious about taking the word of others.

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