He Who Dares Not Offend Cannot Be Honest Quote?

Thomas Paine is credited as having said, ″He who does not dare to offend cannot be honest.″

Can a man who dares not offend be honest?

One who is so afraid of being offensive is incapable of being truthful. To maintain one’s sense of self-importance, it is necessary to spend the majority of one’s life being offended by something or someone. When you find yourself feeling offended by the actions of another guy, you should go yourself and evaluate your own shortcomings.

Are You Afraid of offending people?

If you are concerned about upsetting other individuals, you will probably steer clear of identity-charged themes like politics and religion.And when those situations arise, you will make the decision to keep your views and opinions to yourself.If telling others the truth is important to you, you will have to push past the part of yourself that is sensitive to the feelings of others and say what’s on your mind regardless of the potential fallout.

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