How Do You Introduce A Quote?

A quote can be introduced in the body of the text in a manner that is both succinct and clear by making use of descriptive verbs. Use descriptive verbs like ‘states,’ ‘remarks,’ ‘notes,’ ‘comments,’ or ‘maintains.’ Always use the author’s last name, followed by the descriptive verb, when citing their work.

Use an introduction statement that names the source, followed by a comma, when you want to cite an expert, researcher, or critic.

  1. The author Smith says that writing is enjoyable (215)
  2. According to Smith, ″.
  3. According to Smith, ‘.

What is the best way to use quotations?

When used in the body of your speech, quotations are most effective.When you require more support for one of your points is when you should incorporate a quotation for the greatest results.One of the most successful times is at the chapter’s or article’s conclusion.A strong conclusion to your argument might be reached when you use a citation to bolster the points you’ve made.

Through the way you present the quote, you should draw attention to it.

How do you start a speech with a quote?

Introduce your topic by beginning with a quotation (sparingly). It’s possible that beginning with a quotation may help you connect with your audience, but you shouldn’t assume that any old phrase will do the trick. It has happened to me that a speaker would begin with a quotation that is not particularly strong and is even unrelated to the topic they will be discussing.

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