How Does This Quote Illustrate The Need For The Reorganization Act Of 1939?

  1. In what ways does this quotation demonstrate why the Reorganization Act of 1939 was so desperately needed?
  2. The president lost some of its clout throughout the 1900s as a result of the expansion of the federal government.
  3. The century of the 1900s saw an increase in the influence held by cabinet secretaries.
  4. In the 1900s, it became increasingly difficult for the president to carry out his duties without assistance.

There have been very few evaluations of the Reorganization Legislation of 1939; nevertheless, one complaint that has been leveled against the act is that it further diminished the influence, knowledge, and ability of the Cabinet and buried policymaking behind executive privilege.


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How does the Reorganization Act represent the growth of?

In what ways does the Reorganization Act symbolize the expansion of the informal powers held by the president? The Reorganizational Act of 1939 was a piece of legislation that was proposed by Congress in the United States.

What was the purpose of the Reorganization Act of 1939 quizlet?

The Reorganization Act provided the president with a support staff and counselors to aid him, which resulted in the president being granted increased authority.

How did the Reorganization Act of 1939 affect the office of the presidency quizlet?

What kind of changes did the Reorganization Act of 1939 bring about in the President’s office? It gave the president the opportunity to increase the size of the executive office.

How did Franklin D Roosevelt use his presidential power to institute the Reorganization Act of 1939 he ignored the wishes of Congress and reorganize?

In what ways did Franklin D. Roosevelt exercise his position as president to ensure that the Reorganization Act of 1939 was passed into law? He disregarded the will of Congress and restructured the executive arm of government without receiving permission. In his role as top lawmaker, he made effective use of his power to convince Congress to approve the measure.

Which explains how mass media has changed?

Which of the following best explains how the function of the presidency has been altered as a result of mass media? The President of the United States communicates with people all over the world through various forms of mass media. When the president wants to veto measures that have been enacted by Congress, he employs the mass media.

Which of these statements best summarizes Dickerson’s argument about the modern presidency?

Which of these comments, if any, best encapsulates Dickerson’s point of view towards the president in the current era? It is impossible for any single individual to properly fulfill all of the requirements of the contemporary president, which ensures that the position will remain vacant.

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Which best explains how the structure of the Executive Office of the President helps fulfill presidency office’s role?

  1. Which of the following is the most accurate explanation of how the structure of the office of the president helps the office perform its role?
  2. The chief of staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office and is one of the president’s most trusted advisors.
  3. The office of the president is staffed with different layers of employees and advisers who provide assistance to the president in a variety of areas.

How does the Office of Management and Budget help the president perform his role of chief administrator?

Together with the Budget Review Division of OMB, these offices help carry out the core function of OMB, which is to assist the President in reviewing the formulation of the Federal Budget and to supervise the administration of the budget by Executive Branch agencies.

Which of the following best describes the relationship between Congress and the president as created by the Constitution?

Which of the following statements best summarizes the president’s relationship with the Congress? The power and authority that Congress possesses far exceeds that of the president.

How did Franklin D Roosevelt avoid the usual checks and balances necessary when working with foreign governments?

  1. How exactly did Franklin Delano Roosevelt manage to get through the standard checks and balances that are required when dealing with other governments?
  2. He was responsible for negotiating an executive agreement to provide assistance to the United Kingdom in its struggle against Nazi Germany.
  3. Which of these exemplifies an increase in the power that the president possesses as commander in chief?

How did Franklin Roosevelt try to counteract U.S. Supreme Court as it found his policies unconstitutional?

How did Franklin Roosevelt attempt to fight back against the United States Supreme Court when it ruled that his programs violated the Constitution? He made an effort to get the Supreme Court expanded by six additional justices.

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What executive power did Roosevelt invoke?

He expanded the powers of the executive branch by enacting statutes that established five national parks, and he did so in 1906 by signing the Antiquities Act. This law provided the President with the authority to designate as national monuments historic sites, buildings, and other things that are of either historical or scientific importance.

Which of the following is an example of how the innovation of social media can influence presidential behavior?

Which of the following is an illustration of how the advancement of social media may have an effect on the conduct of the president? The Internet is the medium via which the president makes public the nomination of a cabinet secretary. Which of the following examples best demonstrates how the use of social media has altered the way in which presidents interact with the general public?

How has modern technology changed the president’s relationship with the other government branches?

How has communication technology altered the presidents interaction with the national constituency and the other branches? The capacity of a president to interact directly with the national constituency and other parts of the government has improved as a result of technological advances in communication.

Which of the following is the best example of a president using technology to communicate and obtain public support for a public policy agenda?

Which of the following presidents best exemplifies the use of technology by a president to engage with the public and achieve support for a certain public policy agenda? By making an appearance in a cinema newsreel, Theodore Roosevelt, as President of the United States, was able to take his case directly to the American people and win popular support for his progressive reform plans.

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