How The Turntables Quote?

The American version of The Office is the source of the hilarious phrase ″how the turntables,″ which is a pun on the phrases ″how the tables have turned″ and ″the tables have turned.″ The expression ″fate has taken a turn for the worse″ is commonly used to refer to a shift in one’s circumstances.

What does how the turn tables mean?

  1. The phrase ″how the turn tables″ is taken from the show ″The Office″ (U.S.).
  2. Lol.
  3. ″Wow, things have really taken a turn for the worst.″ This expression conveys the meaning, ″Well, look at how our circumstances have been turned around.″ In the context of The Office, Michael was remarking on the fact that he had previously worked for Dunder-Mifflin and that the business was now inviting him back to negotiate the purchase of his new company.

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