How To Block Quote In Word?

  1. The following steps will style a block quotation in Word: Start a new line in your document and type the quotation there
  2. Click the text you want to quote, then in the Paragraph toolbar, select the icon that looks like an arrow pointing down
  3. The minimum required by the APA is 0.5′, which is also the default

Here’s how:

  1. When you get to the quotation, press enter before the first word, then press enter again after the last word
  2. Underline the text in question
  3. Use your mouse’s right button to pick the paragraph option
  4. Under indent alter left to. 5′

Simply choose the option that appears as a button just to the right of the scroll bar on the screen.

How do I add a block quote in a Word document?

Open the document you want to add a block quote to in Microsoft Word, then highlight the text you want to quote. Clicking the ″Layout″ tab in the ribbon bar will bring up the ″Paragraph″ settings for you to configure. Both the APA style and the MLA style need block quotes to begin on a new line and to have indents to the left that are 0.5 centimeters in size. Both styles may be found here.

When do you have to use a block quote?

When you quote more than around 40 words at a time from a source, you have to utilize what’s called a block quotation. Block quotations should be indented half an inch to the left when using the APA or MLA style, and an in-text reference should be included after the period. Other formats of citation have extra guidelines to follow.

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How do you indent block quotes in APA format?

To accomplish this, first pick the blockquote text in your document, then right-click on the selected text, and then select the ″Paragraph″ option from the menu that appears. You may indent your text by selecting the ″Paragraph″ menu and then clicking on the ″Indents and Spacing″ option. Indentation to the left of the quotation should be 0.5 centimeters for APA and MLA block quotations.

How do I change the size of a block quote?

  1. To accommodate the indentation requirements of the APA and the MLA for block quotes, change the ″Left Indent″ value to ″0.5 cm,″ then click the enter key to finalize the change.
  2. Alternately, you may utilize the arrow buttons located on the right side of the screen to increase the size of the imprint by 0.1 cm increments.
  3. This will result in the selected text being formatted as a block quote and will modify the size of the indent for that text.

How do you block quote?


  1. Direct quotes begin on a new line by themselves
  2. The full block quotation is spaced out twice as much as normal and is indented half an inch, the same amount as the indentation for a new paragraph
  3. It is not necessary to enclose block quotes with quotation marks.
  4. The punctuation that appears at the end of the block quote should be placed before the citation

How do you block a quote in a text?

Long quotations It is best practice to place quotes that are longer than four lines of prose or three lines of verse in their own freestanding block of text and to eliminate the use of quotation marks when doing so. To properly format a quotation, begin it on a new line and indent it half an inch from the left margin while preserving double spacing throughout the rest of the text.

What is block quotation formatting?

When quoting directly from a piece of writing that is longer than three lines of poetry or four lines of prose, you should use the block quote format. When citing speech between characters in a play or other dramatic work, you must always use a block quote. The block format refers to an unenclosed quote that stands on its own and does not use quotation marks.

How do you block quote on pages?

To make a new paragraph style, use the Plus button from the toolbar. You will need to generate an entirely new paragraph style in order to generate a block quote style. To generate a brand new format, navigate to the Format panel, select the Text pull-down menu, and then click the Plus button. Change the name of this format to Block Quote.

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How do you do block quotes in MLA?

Block quotations in the MLA format begin on a new line, are indented half an inch, and do not include quotation marks. To format a block quotation in MLA style, do the following:

  1. The quotation should begin on a new line, and a colon should be used to introduce it.
  2. Place the entire quotation with a half-inch indent from the left margin
  3. After the period that denotes the end of the block quotation, insert the in-text reference using the MLA format

Do you justify block quotes?

Any quotation that is longer than four lines should be separated from the main text using the block quote format, which indicates that the quote should be single-spaced and set aside from the main content. Both the right and the left sides are indented. Justification of the text

How do you embed a quote?

  1. You may include quotations into your writing in one of three ways: by setting them off in their own paragraph, building them into the text itself, or introducing them with a colon.
  2. A comma is used to separate set-off quotations from the phrase in which they are used.
  3. Make sure that the initial word of the quote is capitalized.
  4. Take note of the signal words that are used in the following examples (they are printed in bold).

How do you block quote a poem?

Start the quotation on a new line, indent it half an inch from the left margin, and do not use quotation marks. The opening phrase should conclude with a colon. When you block quote a piece of poetry, make sure to include all of the line breaks and style the quotation so that it is as similar to the original as possible.

What size font are block quotes?

Structure of a Block Quote and Its Components Keep the font size at 12 points for the block quote’s body text.

How do you format a paragraph after a block quote?

If paragraphs are separated from one another by line spaces, then a new paragraph that immediately follows a block quotation should be separated from the quotation by two line spaces. This ensures that the new paragraph is not misunderstood as a continuation of the paragraph in which the quotation is inserted.

Do you capitalize the first word in a block quote?

If the block quotation starts with a whole sentence, the initial letter of the phrase should remain capitalized. However, if the quotation starts in the middle of a phrase, you should consider whether or not to capitalize the initial letter of the quote.

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How do you introduce a block quote?

It is common practice to introduce block quotes that begin with a whole sentence with a complete phrase that comes to a close with a colon. (Lorem ipsum is used as a placeholder in each of the examples that follow so that the emphasis remains on the formatting.) They can alternatively be presented with a complete sentence that concludes with a period if that is preferred.

Should I italicize block quotes?

This is the circumstance that calls for the use of the MLA formatting style. If you are going to be utilizing the APA style, then the quotations ought to be longer than forty words. Always start the block quotes on a new line, and indent them to make them look more professional. For the convenience of the reader, block quotes may also be styled in italics. This makes them easier to spot.

How do you introduce a block quote into your text?

  1. When it is permissible to do so in the context of the text, the block quotation should be introduced with a colon.
  2. Indent the first line of the block quote the same amount as the other lines in the block quotation, but do not indent the first line more than the other lines in the block quotation.
  3. – Please type the quotation using double spacing.
  4. Please do not surround the block of text that is being quoted with quotation marks.

How do you use a block quote?

  1. When citing speech between characters in a play or other dramatic work, you must always use a block quote.
  2. The block format refers to an unenclosed quote that stands on its own and does not use quotation marks.
  3. You should begin the block quote on a new line and introduce it with a colon (unless the context of your quotation compels you to use a different punctuation mark).
  4. Put all of the quote in italics.
  5. 1 millimeter to the left of center

Can I start a paragraph with a block quote?

In addition, the ″Paragraph″ options menu in Microsoft Word provides another option for indenting block quotes properly. To accomplish this, first locate the text in your document that contains the block quotation, then right-click on the text, and then pick the ″Paragraph″ option from the menu that appears.

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