How To Cite A Quote In An Article From Another Author?

Make sure that the in-text citation for your quotation is right.This can be accomplished in any of two ways.You are free to include the author’s name in the text as follows: The expansion of the global economy is being attributed to John Smith’s statements.You may also provide the author’s surname and the page number where the following statement is found: ″The global economy is expanding.″ (Smith 72)

Your in-text citation has to mention both sets of authors, namely the author(s) of the primary source as well as the author(s) of the secondary source. Take, for instance: (Habermehl, 1985, as cited in Kersten, 1987). You are required to include information on the secondary source in your list of references (the source you read).

When surrounding a block quotation, you should not use quotation marks.

How do you cite an author in an in-text citation?

Citations inside the Text: Author or Authors 1.Mentioning the Author(s) in Your Work A Collaboration Between Two Writers: Include the names of both authors every time you mention the work, either in the signal phrase or in parentheses.2 Providing Citations for Indirect Sources If you utilize a source that was cited in another source, you should identify the primary source in the signal phrase that you employ.There are three electronic sources.Four Additional Sources

How do you cite as cited in a research paper?

Identify the primary source that you are citing inside the text of your paper, and include the notation ″(as cited in Author, Date)″ within parentheses.The secondary source is the only one that will be shown in the reference list.In the following cases, Smith’s study serves as the primary source, while Queenan et al.serve as the secondary source (the source that is mentioned in other works).

How do you cite a quote in a reference list?

When a primary source cannot be located and a secondary source must be used instead, the primary author and date should be mentioned in the body of the text, and the secondary source should be cited in the entry of the reference list.The phrase ″quoted in″ would be included in the in-text citation (for further information on the use of ″quoted in″ in author-date references, see Section 15.56).

Can I cite a source quoted in another source in MLA?

In MLA format, is it possible to mention a source that is quoted in another source?The Modern Language Association (MLA) suggests that wherever it is practicable, you should cite the original source rather than the source in which it is cited or reproduced.In the event that this is unable to be accomplished, you should mention the secondary source and include the notation ″″ in your in-text citation.Take, for instance: ( Smith 233)

How to quote something from an article?

  1. Method 1 Using Different Kinds of Quotations This is the first method out of four. It is important to be familiar with the use of dropped quotations.
  2. Method 2 Formatting Your Quotes is the second step in the whole process. It’s important to be able to correctly put commas and periods.
  3. Method 3 Method 3 of 4, which focuses on quoting in a variety of styles. A citation in MLA style follows.
  4. Technique No. 4 Technique No. 4 of 4: Successfully Quoting
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How do you cite a quote in a paper?

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How to correctly cite quotes in an essay?

– A citation in the MLA format will look like this: (Lopez 24) – When citing sources that include more than one author, separate each author’s name with the term ″and:.″ (Anderson and Smith 55-56) or [Anderson and Smith] (Taylor, Gomez, and Austin 89) In the event that you introduce the quotation with the author’s name, all that is required of you is to put the year in parentheses: ″The green grass represents a new beginning,″ says author Luz Lopez.

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