How To Format A Block Quote In Google Docs?

Launch the Google Docs app, navigate to the document you wish to edit, then hit the Edit button (bottom-right). Choose the section of text that contains your block quote. While the text is chosen, pick the Format button from the toolbar.

Open Google Docs. Place the cursor at the beginning of the text that you intend to format as a quotation, and then click the Quote button.

How to find famous quotes in Google Docs?

In Google Docs, select Tools > Research from the menu bar. Choose Quotes from the list of options in the search menu’s dropdown menu. You may search for a quotation by the author’s name or by using a keyword. Simply put your mouse pointer on the quote you want to insert, and then click the Insert button on your keyboard. You can watch this video on YouTube by clicking this link.

Is there a shortcut to doing a block quote?

– I copied your question and put it into the response box, which already had a new line and some strange letters in it. – picked the pasted quotation, and – clicked the quotation box, which, by the way, includes the hover text suggestion that says ‘blockquote a chunk of text.’

What does block quotation mean?

The following is a list of every feasible interpretation and translation of the term ″block quote.″ In written documents, a quotation is referred to as a block quotation when it is separated from the main text of the document as its own paragraph, or block of text, and is typically differentiated visually through the use of indentation, a different typeface, or a quotation that is of a smaller size.

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