How To Quote A House Cleaning Job?

The amount of time that will be required to clean a particular property is directly tied to the price that will be quoted for the cleaning job. A good rule of thumb is to budget around one and a half hours for cleaning for every one thousand square feet of living space in your house. As you get started, that should serve as a reasonably reliable rule of thumb for you to adhere to.

Is there a quote template for house cleaning?

This template for a house cleaning quotation includes all of the essential details and information. The output of this PDF template will automatically display the computed charges for each service as well as the total amount of the chosen services. This template for a photography quotation has been crafted with the needs of photographers in mind.

What should you consider when quoting a cleaning job?

Before you quote a cleaning work, one of the most significant factors that you need to take into consideration is probably the size of the task that needs to be done.

How do I calculate my cleaning quotes?

  • You will be able to arrive at a number that can be placed onto the quote if you take your total monthly overhead costs and divide that amount by the average number of cleaning tasks that you complete each month.
  • 3) Include Your Profit in the Total: After you have accounted for all of the costs associated with the labor as well as any additional charges, you can then include your profit in the total and present it to the customer.
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Should you price your house cleaning quotes high or low?

  • When setting prices, it is usually preferable to price anything somewhat higher than necessary rather than setting prices that are too cheap.
  • You have some wiggle room to lower the price a little bit if the clients appear to believe that your quotation is a little expensive or if they wish to haggle.
  • The following is an example of one common approach that is utilized by house cleaning companies to provide estimates for cleaning projects.

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