How To Quote A Podcast?

When referencing a podcast episode in APA format, the host should be included as the author, followed by the label ″(Host),″ the date, the title and number of the episode, the description ″,″ the name of the podcast, the production company, and a URL if one is provided. If you listened to the show using an app and have no idea what the URL is, just leave it out.

An Interview.

How do you quote a quote from a podcast?

Utilize a timestamp whenever you need to call attention to a particular quote that is included in an in-text reference. Last name of the host, first name of the host ″Episode Title.″ Name of the Podcast, the Season Number, the Episode Number, the Publisher, the Day, the Month, and the Year, and the URL. P. J. Vogt and Alex Goldman are the show’s hosts.

How do you in text cite a podcast?

First name, Last name of the person who created it. The name of the podcast. The website’s name, the contributors’ roles, and their first names are all listed. name of the author, the version number, the publisher, the publication date, and the URL. Take, for instance, the phrase ″Best of Not My Job Musicians.″ Wait Wait…

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Do you quote the name of a podcast?

Italicize titles of independent works such as podcast episodes when they are presented here. If the passage is taken from a bigger source, put it in quotation marks, but do not italicize it. Italicize the container titles, and then place a comma after them. This is the title of the podcast series.

Do you quote podcast titles in APA?

The title of the episode, as well as the episode number, should not be italicized. Include the category of podcast episode between square brackets, such as:, for instance. Italicize the word ″In,″ then type the name of the podcast in the following space. In general, you should provide the URL of the episode as the final part of the citation.

How do you cite a podcast for a guest?

How to Cite a Podcast Using APA Format

  1. Your surname, followed by your initials, then your title.
  2. Osnos, E. (Guest). (
  3. Last Name, First Name, Title. ″ Episode name,″ Podcast Name, Publisher, Date, and URL
  4. ″ Episode name″
  5. Osnos, Evan, Guest. ″ The Prospects For The United States’ Rivalry With China ″ Fresh Air on NPR, January 10th
  6. Last Name, First Name.
  7. Osnos, Evan. ″

How do you cite a AAA podcast?

To properly reference a podcast, you will need to track down as much of the following information as you can: the name of the podcast’s producer or host, the episode’s and podcast’s titles, and the date it was recorded. In addition, please give the URL and the access date. After the title, you should include a brief explanation that is included in brackets.

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Should podcasts be in quotes?

The list that follows provides direction on how to manage the numerous and varied titles, works, and events that are mentioned in College communications. These references can include the names of published works, original artwork, musical plays, journal names, and other types of citations. Do You Prefer Italics, Quotes, or Nothing at All?

Titles for… Quote Marks, Italics, or Nothing The Chicago Manual of Style
Podcasts Italics 8.187

How do you cite a podcast with no host?

When creating a reference for a podcast, the presenter should be credited as the author. Whether the host is not named, you should check to see if an executive producer is included. Include either the role of the presenter or the role of the producer in brackets. Take, for instance, Smith, J.

How do I cite a podcast transcript in APA?

Please provide the exact date of the podcast in your response. Include the episode number in parenthesis immediately following the title. Remove the number from the reference if the podcast does not number its episodes. Give the name of the website that first published the transcript (in the examples, it was NPR and Gimlet Media), as well as the URL of the transcript itself.

Are podcasts italicized AP style?

The differences between AP style and Chicago style are presented in the following table. How Should Titles Be Formatted: With Italics, Quote Marks, Underlining, or Naked?

Titles for… AP Chicago
Podcast episodes Quotes (8.187)
Podcasts Italics (8.187)
Poems Quotes (p. 62) Quotes (8.179)—unless book length, then treated as book (italics)
Radio episodes (in series) Quotes (8.185)

How do you cite a podcast in MLA 9?

To properly reference a podcast in MLA 9 format, use the following format: ″Title of the Podcast Episode.″ ″Title of the Podcast.″ Title of the audio recording, What is the name of the Publisher and the location where you listened to it?(only include if it is different than the author or title), Date and time it was uploaded, You can find the full article at this URL: 08/11/542753070/scientists-can’t-explain-all-the-appeal-of-an-eclipse.

How do you cite a podcast in MLA format?

  1. The contributor’s full name (for example, the podcast host or narrator), the username, or the name of the corporation that contributed the item
  2. Title of the audio recording
  3. The episode’s working title
  4. The podcast’s publisher or the website on which you viewed it
  5. Date and time when the podcast was uploaded
  6. Web address (URL) of the podcast
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How do I cite an episode of a podcast?

– The host of the podcast should be credited as the author.You might also include the names of the executive producers if you know them.- Within the date section of the citation, you should provide the time period that the podcast was available for listening.- Include the category of podcast you’re talking about between square brackets, for example:,.- In general, you should put the URL as the final part of the citation.

Can you cite a podcast?

When writing a citation for a podcast, it is recommended that you provide the following information: Username, full name of the contributor (such as the podcast presenter or narrator), or the name of the firm that first submitted the item; Title of the audio recording; Title of this week’s program; The podcast’s publisher or the website on which you viewed it; Date and time when the podcast was uploaded; URL of the podcast in question.

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