How To Quote A Video Apa?

  1. And here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to properly cite a video in your reference list: Include the maximum amount of information that can be obtained from the source
  2. In most cases, the Producers, Directors, and the Person Who Posted the Video are Considered to Be the Authors
  3. After the title, place a bracket around the format or description of the form, and then include it.
  4. If the complete name of the author cannot be found, the screen name should be used instead.


  1. As the author, you should provide the name of the account that was used to upload the movie
  2. Please include the exact day and time when the video was uploaded
  3. Underline the title of the video in italics
  4. After the title, provide the description ″″ surrounded by square brackets
  5. Please include the name of the website (YouTube) as well as the URL of the video

Because YouTube channels do not provide dates, you should always use ″n.d.″ to indicate ″no date.″

How do I cite a quote from a video in APA?

How do I properly credit a quote that was taken from an audio or video source using the APA format? It is recommended by APA Style that you provide a timestamp in your in-text citation if you need to draw attention to a particular point in a video or audio source that you have used. Include only the timestamp starting from the beginning of the section that you are quoting.

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Who is the author of a video in APA format?

When referencing videos in APA style, the author must always make reference to the individual or organization that posted the video. The uploader and author do not necessarily need to be the same person when using the MLA style.

How do I quote or refer to a specific part of video?

Include a timestamp that points to the appropriate place in the video whenever you quote or make reference to a certain segment of a video: If the person being cited is not also the uploader of the content, it is preferable to make their identify clear inside the body of the text, as shown in the following citation from a TED Talk:

How do I cite a quote from a video in APA?

Include a timestamp in the in-text citation alongside the author and date to indicate the moment at which the quotation begins if you are citing a direct quote from an audiovisual source. This is necessary in order to properly attribute the quotation.

How do you cite a video in-text APA?

Screen name. (month, day of the year) The name of the video. Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxxx In-text citations always contain the author’s name (without the brackets), as well as the publication date.

How do I cite a quote from a video?

  1. How to Cite a Video Using the MLA Format The name of the website is written in italics, while the title of the video is enclosed in quotation marks.
  2. Include the author’s last name and the timestamp of the portion of the video that is pertinent in the reference that is included in the text.
  3. First name of Author, Last Name of Author ″Video Title.″ URL of the website, the person who posted it, the month, and the year.

How do you cite a quote from a video in APA 7?

In the event that you are directly quoting from a movie, rather than providing a page number, include a timestamp for the commencement of the quotation. After the part that contains the title, include the media type in square brackets in the reference, for example ″. In the reference, the name of the producing business should go where the publisher would normally be.

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How do you cite a quote from a YouTube video?

You will need the author’s name, the ″Title of Video,″ the publisher’s name, the date the video was published, the URL, and the website where it was hosted. When citing a video using MLA format, you need to remember to put a period after the URL. In addition to this, you must ensure that the first two components of the citation are followed by a period.

How do you cite a YouTube video in APA 7th edition?

  1. Site Name.
  2. In the seventh edition of the American Psychological Association’s style guide, below are some suggestions for referencing videos from YouTube and other websites (p.
  3. 274, 342-344).
  4. If you are able to find the video’s uploader, you should use their last name and first initial as the ‘author’ in the reference you create for the YouTube video.
  • After that, place their username within brackets, as an example: Smith, J.

How do you quote in APA?

In-text citations according to the APA style should include the author’s last name and the publication year, for example: (Field, 2005). Include the page number when quoting directly from a source, like in the following example: (Field, 2005, p. 14). When citing sources like websites and electronic books that do not have page numbers, a paragraph number should be used instead.

How do you cite a TED Talk in APA 7?

Citing a TED Talk from the TED website requires that the speaker be named as the author, that the date indicated on the site be provided, that the word ″Video″ be included in square brackets after the title, that the publisher be listed as ″TED Conferences,″ and that the URL be provided.

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Do you italicize video titles in APA?

The name of the video should be written in italics. After the title, provide the description surrounded by square brackets like so: Please include both the name of the website (in this case, YouTube) and the URL of the video.

How do you cite Vimeo 7th edition APA?

  1. When using videos from websites like YouTube or Vimeo, make sure you give credit to the original poster of the content.
  2. If a genuine name is given, it should be used first, followed by the person’s user name, which should be enclosed in square brackets.
  3. If the genuine identity of the person who uploaded the information cannot be determined, their user name should be used instead, without the brackets.

How do I cite a course video in APA?

It is vital to keep in mind that the speaker is not significant in your citations when you are using the APA method for citing videos; it does not matter who presented the presentation. Instead, when creating citations for online videos, you should cite the publisher of the source in addition to the year it was published. The University of Walden (Producer).

How do you reference a video APA style?

  1. In the brackets, write the date exactly as it appears on the webpage or website, then follow it with a period and a space.
  2. When making references, use the most recent modification date
  3. Nevertheless
  4. It is not necessary to include the date of the most recent review because a report does not indicate whether or not the information has been modified.

Can you cite a video?

Citing a video found on YouTube or another video sharing website requires an in-text citation as well as a reference that lists the uploader, the publication date, the video title, and the URL of the video. The structure shifts slightly based on the specific citation style that you choose. APA, MLA, and Chicago styles are the most frequently used formats nowadays.

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