How To Quote More Than 4 Lines?

When a citation is longer than four lines of prose or three lines of verse, it should be placed in its own free-standing block of text, and quotation marks should not be used around it. To properly format a quotation, begin it on a new line and indent it half an inch from the left margin while preserving double spacing throughout the rest of the text.

How many lines can a quote be in MLA format?

Quotes that are four lines or longer must be structured into a distinct block of text and must not use quotation marks when written in MLA style. Unless your professor specifically instructs you differently, you should use double spacing for both formats.

How do you add a block quote without quotation marks?

Insert the quote at the beginning of a new line, omitting the quotation marks. Block quotations in MLA format do not require any quotation marks, in contrast to shorter quotations. You will need to begin the quote on a new line if you want to avoid confusion. When you press enter, a new paragraph will be created for your quotation.

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