How To Quote Pressure Washing Jobs?

  1. The hourly rates for the power washing with a pressure washer are normally between $60 and $100.
  2. It should come as no surprise that the more land that has to be covered, the longer it will take to do the project.
  3. For the power washing of a property that is 1,200 square feet in size, for instance, the job may take anywhere from six to seven hours, and the approximate cost would be anywhere from $360 to $600.

Do you have insurance?

Why use a pressure washing estimate calculator?

Let’s begin by looking at the reasons why, in the long run, using a pressure washing estimate calculator will save you a ton of time, as well as money and your sanity. The total square footage of the areas that need to be washed by pressure will determine the extent of your pressure washing projects.

How do I make my first pressure washing bid?

When you are putting in your initial bid for pressure washing, it is imperative that you include as many facets of the task as you possibly can into your estimate. The cost of the job should not be determined just by the amount of square footage that has to be cleaned.

How to price pressure washing jobs?

Do you need help with the oven? No issue. Putting the shine in your microwave? All it requires is vinegar and baking soda. Renewing the appearance of your grout? Grab some dish soap, and I’ll walk you through the process step by simple step. These are all fairly simple errands to run around the house. But doing a thorough cleaning of your home’s

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How to price a pressure washing job?

  1. Get 3–5 quotes from local businesses.
  2. The contractor need to have all of the following credentials: a license, a bond, and insurance
  3. Inquire about the contractor’s membership in any professional groups, such the Pressure Washing Resource Association, if you can
  4. Inquire about how they deal with water runoff and the regulations set forth by the EPA.
  5. Inquire as to whether they will bring their own water or if they will use yours

How to quote, price, bid power washing jobs?

– One hundred dollars for a single storey; one hundred thirty-five dollars for two floors; two hundred dollars for three floors.

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