How To Quote Shakespeare In Mla?

  1. Method 1 of 3: How to Format Shakespeare Quotes in Text Download Article How to Cite Shakespeare in MLA Format Method 1 of 3: How to Format Shakespeare Quotes in Text Place the quote marks around just one line of the poem.
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Frequently asked questions regarding MLA citations In-text citations of Shakespeare plays written in MLA format should not include page numbers under any circumstances. Instead, the act, scene, and line numbers of the content being cited should be included, with the line numbers being separated by periods, such as (Shakespeare 3.2. 20–25).

How do you quote Shakespeare in an essay?

  1. In the space provided for the author’s name, type ″Shakespeare,″ followed by a comma
  2. If it has been translated, provide the year it was translated, followed by a comma.
  3. Please include a list of the act, scene, and lines that you are quoting, with each item separated by a period.
  4. Place the entirety of the citation inside of parenthesis
  5. The following format should be used for the entry in your reference list: Author
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How do I cite Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet MLA?

William Shakespeare, you are. Romeo & Juliet (italicized). Where the publisher is located: Name of the publishing company, the year it was published. If the citation entry takes up more than one line, the succeeding lines need to have a double space between them and be indented.

How do you cite Shakespeare verses?

After each citation, you should provide a parenthetical reference that includes the act, scene, and line numbers for that quotation, with the numbers being separated by periods.Avoid using page numbers wherever possible.For line numbers lower than 100, cite the range as follows: 34–37.Above 100, just the final two digits of the second number are repeated, thus 211 and 12 (along with 397–405 and 96–102, of course).

How do you cite Shakespeare’s Macbeth in MLA?

Information on the MLA formatting style and on Shakespeare

  1. Italicize the titles of the plays, such as Macbeth (both the play and the character), and The Tempest (both the play and the character).
  2. You are free to use an abbreviation for the play’s title in the parenthetical citation (but be sure to clear this with your instructor beforehand)
  3. In parenthetical citations, you should not use page numbers
  4. Instead, you should always add (act.scene.lines)

How do you in-text cite a play in MLA?

When referencing a play that has numbered lines, the parenthetical citation for a play written in MLA format has to include the name of the author as well as the act, scene, and line numbers (s). Include the page number instead of the line numbers if the lines do not have numbers.

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How do you cite a play script in MLA?

Cite the script using the author’s last name for in-text references, and cite the performance using the performance’s name, in line with the entries in the works-cited-list.

How do you block quote Shakespeare?

In most cases, a block quotation will have its introduction marked by a colon. If you are going to quote a single line of poem in its entirety or in part, make sure to enclose it in quotation marks within your text: An excellent illustration of antanaclasis may be found in Berowne’s pyrotechnic line, which reads, ″Light, seeking light, doth light of light seduce″ (1.1. 77).

How do you quote Julius Caesar in MLA?

MLA (7th ed.) William Shakespeare, Barbara A. Mowat, and Paul Werstine all contributed to this study. The Melodrama of Julius Caesar 2005, published by Washington Square Press in New York.

How do you quote Shakespeare multiple lines MLA?

Putting Together Brief Quotations Your quotation will be enclosed in quotation marks, and lines will be separated using a forward slash (/). Example Using Just One Line: Shakespeare wrote the famous line ″To be, or not to be: that is the question″ for the play ″Hamlet.″

How do you in-text cite Shakespeare quotes?

On the Works Cited page, you should list the edition (or editions) that you utilized, whether it be a collection or individual editions of several plays.If you only refer to one of Shakespeare’s plays in your work, you should add a separate entry in the Works Cited section for that piece.The name of the author should appear at the beginning of each of your in-text citations: The following is an example: (Shakespeare 1.1.

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