How To Quote Something On Reddit?


  1. Open Reddit. Visit the website at using the web browser on your computer
  2. Open a post. Locate the post on which you like to leave a quotation, and after that, click the post’s title in order to access the post
  3. Locate the comment that you would want to quote.
  4. Choose the passage that you would want to quote
  5. To copy the selection, click here.

Simply highlight and copy the portion of the remark that you want to quote, then generate a quote block within the text box and paste the copied portion of the comment into it. You may also quote anything by simply creating a quotation block and selecting the text you want to quote. The term ″front page of the internet″ most commonly refers to the website Reddit.

How to quote text on Reddit?

Utilizing the tilde () symbol is all that is required to quote your content on Reddit. It is also possible to nest quoted text, as shown here: Everyone desires for their links to remain on the first page. The challenge lies in the fact that it is difficult. So how can we make it happen?

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How do I create a quote from a comment?

After you have logged in, navigate to the remark and select the portion you wish to quote by highlighting it. You do not need to copy the selected text; instead, simply click the ″Reply″ button, and an instantaneous creation of your quotation will be made, and it will be waiting for you in the text box of the comment form.

How do I superscript text in a comment on Reddit?

  • Using the carot sign, which is represented by the letter ″,″ you may superscript your text.
  • It is important to keep in mind that you may also stack superscripts: Some of this material will be ″removed.″ This text will have some of it removed shortly.
  • It may be necessary for you to insert a piece of code on the same line as your comment on occasion.
  • You may structure your remark on Reddit like that by using inline code and the symbol ″’″ in the appropriate place.

How to make your Reddit posts more effective?

The effectiveness of your articles on Reddit may be easily improved through the use of formatting tricks. Making a quotation block, which makes a portion of text stand slightly apart from the rest of the document, is a straightforward formatting technique that is easy to grasp.

How do I quote on Reddit app?

Launch the Reddit app on your mobile device, whether it’s an Android or an iOS smartphone. Find the post that contains the comment you wish to quote, then go to that post. You may copy the text by selecting it, then pressing the button that looks like a copy machine beneath the text you wish to quote. Choose the location on which you would like to remark with your quote.

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How do you quote and reply on Reddit?

Tap the ″Reply″ icon on your Android device, then click the portion of the remark that you want to quote. From the menu that appears, pick ″Quotation,″ and the text that you highlighted will show as a quote in the box where you are typing your response.

How do you quote a thread on Reddit?

You need to take the following pieces of information into mind in order to properly reference a post from a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread:

  1. The name of the Ask Me Anything discussion thread that you’re referring to
  2. The date it was first made available
  3. The person who started the Ask Me Anything topic and is often its subject
  4. The URL (which may be seen in the address bar at the top of your web browser)

How do you do quotes?

How to Quote a Quote?

  1. Double quotation marks should be used for direct quotations in American English, whereas single quotation marks should be used for quotations inside quotations.
  2. In British English, quotes should be included in single quotation marks, while quotations inside quotations should be enclosed in double quotation marks.

How do I reply to a specific part of a comment on Reddit mobile?

Right below the comment there need to be an arrow pointing in that direction. To provide a response to the particular remark, click it. That’s incredibly cool, many thanks!

How do you hyperlink on Reddit?

  1. Sign in to your account on Reddit, and then open a new post
  2. Write your comment.
  3. Conduct a search on Google and make a note of the URL of the website to which you want to connect.
  4. Return to your remark and choose the words you would want to use as the anchor text
  5. To access the ″link″ toolbar, which is marked in yellow, click here.
  6. Click the ″insert″ button once you have pasted the link’s url
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How do you make text bold on Reddit?

Please place your comments between the double asterisks on either side of this sentence. Everything that is included between the two sets of asterisks will be formatted in bold.

How do you nest quotes?

When someone repeats what someone else said, use single quotes for a nested quotation instead of double quotations. Joe broke into a grin and announced with a hint of pride, ″When I asked Jenny to marry me, she replied ‘yes.’″ In the event that you want a further level of quotation, simply continue alternating between single and double quote marks.

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