How To Quote Something On Twitter?

  1. How to Paraphrase Tweets Using the Twitter mobile app Start the Twitter app, log in to your account, and choose the tweet you want to quote
  2. To retweet this tweet, touch the symbol to the right of it
  3. At the very bottom of the screen on your phone, you’ll see a menu
  4. Select Quote Tweet from this option.
  5. You will now be brought to a new screen. You should post your desired comment above the tweet that you have selected to quote
  6. When you are through typing, you may submit the quote tweet by clicking the ″Retweet″ button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

How to quote a tweet on Twitter?

The first of two methods is to quote a tweet.1 You will need to scroll down to find the tweet you want to quote.You may simply quote a tweet while also adding your own ideas or commentary if that is something you would like to be able to accomplish.2 Tap or click the icon labeled ″Retweet.″ It’s the icon that looks like two arrows coming together to make a square, and it’s located underneath the tweet.

3 Take into consideration your own ideas.4 Tap or click the Retweet button.

How do you post a tweet on Twitter?

How to use Twitter. You may either click the Tweet button in the top navigation bar or type your Tweet into the write box that is located at the very top of your Home timeline. Your Tweet can have up to four photographs, a GIF, or a video attached to it at a time. Simply publishing the Tweet to your profile requires you to click the Tweet button.

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How do I comment on a tweet?

1. Navigate to B’s tweet and copy the link to the tweet by clicking on the drop down menu that is located in the upper right corner of the tweet (marked by a little v in light grey). 2. Navigate to tweet A and click the reply button; next, make your remark (which is optional); and last, paste the URL that you copied from tweet B in step 1.

Can you use quotes on Twitter?

1. You find a tweet that you would want to quote and retweet. You want to use the functionality that allows you to do this. Simply select the retweet icon or symbol and click on it. Step 2: Select the option to Quote Tweet from the menu. Step 3: A pop-up box will appear, and you will be able to leave a remark there.

Can you still quote tweet?

Even if you haven’t really opened the item, you can still retweet it or quote it in another tweet. Tap the Retweet button that appears in the pop-up. After then, the Tweet will be Retweeted, which means that it will be sent to all of your followers. Tap the Retweet button that appears in the pop-up.

How do you quote a tweet without retweeting?

At the very end of the URL for the tweet.Once you have the URL for the Tweet, which should finish with /video/1, you may copy the new link and paste it into Twitter to post a Twitter video without retweeting the original tweet.For example: As a side note (and before I describe the other method to go about all of this), here is what you should do: Clap your hands in approval of this post if you have found it to be useful up to this point.

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Why can’t I quote tweets anymore?

Why is it that some Tweets can’t be Retweeted? If you notice the lock icon next to someone’s name on their profile page or on their Tweets, this indicates that their Tweets are protected and that you will not be able to Retweet their material. Even though your Tweets are protected, you are still able to Retweet and Quote Tweet other people’s Tweets.

Should you post quotes on Twitter?

Quote Tweets always reveal the source of the material they link to. It raises their profile and demonstrates that the contributions they provide are worthy of consideration. They can specifically see that you went out of your way to leave a virtual ″comment″ on the stuff that they published, which may make it easier for you to engage with them.

How do I write a quote?

The use of direct quotes requires you to copy and paste the precise words spoken or written by another person into your own work.It’s always two quotation marks next to each other.Do not start a quotation but then fail to finish it once the content that was cited has been stated.When the item being cited contains a complete phrase, the initial letter of a direct quote should be capitalized.

How do you quote someone?

The use of quotation marks (‘) is a convention that authors use to indicate that they are paraphrasing the words of another person, whether that other person is a real person, a fictional character, or a written source. Only cite the precise words of another person, whether they were said or written, inside of quote marks. This type of quotation is known as a direct quote.

Is it better to retweet or quote tweet?

A retweet is an excellent way to rapidly demonstrate support for something or to spread information to your followers. In point of fact, posting a Quote Tweet every time would make the overall length of your Twitter stream much longer. Keep the Quote Tweet in your back pocket for those times when you truly want to indicate where you stand on an issue.

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How do you quote a tweet in a thread?

Tweets Can Be Added to a Conversation Using a Desktop Computer

  1. Join the conversation on Twitter by signing in.
  2. Start typing your tweet by clicking on the ″What’s happening?″ form located at the top of the page
  3. Pulling down from the compose window will open up additional options for you to choose from
  4. You have the option to either ″Add″ to your most recent tweet or ″Continue Thread.″

What does embed tweet mean?

Embedded tweets allow you to include the material of your choice from Twitter into the articles that appear on your website. An embedded Tweet can broadcast live video from Periscope and incorporate material such as photographs, videos, and cards that were designed specifically for display on Twitter.

How do you retweet with a comment?

First thing you need to do is sign in to your Twitter account. The second step is to navigate to the specific tweet that you wish to retweet. Step 4: If you want to add a comment to your Retweet, be sure you pick the option that says ″Retweet with comment.″ Step 5: If you want to add a remark to your Retweet, then you need to fill out the area that says ″Add a comment.″

What are quoted replies on Twitter?

You may locate quoted answers of tweets with the assistance of a Twitter-based bot called Quoted Replies. This bot saves you the trouble of having to manually copy, paste, and search for the relevant replies. If you use Twitter on a regular basis, you have probably come across the @QuotedReplies account underneath some of the most popular tweets or maybe made use of it yourself.

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