How To Quote Two Lines Of A Poem?

If you want to quote a single line from a poem, or even just a portion of a line, you should simply enclose it in quotation marks, just like you would with any other quote.When you quote more than one line, use a forward slash to denote where each line begins and ends.Please ensure that there is a space both before and after the slash.

Be careful to replicate the original text’s punctuation, capitalization, and formatting in your copy by using the same style.

How do you write a block quote for a poem?

If you are going to quote more than four lines from a poem, you are going to need to employ something called a block quotation.This indicates that you will begin by introducing the poetry, and then on the following line, you will make an indentation ten spaces from the left margin.Repeat each of the lines in the poem word for word.

There is no need to use backslashes or quote marks in this instance.

How do you cite a poem with different line numbers?

A word of advice: regardless of the form you’re using, be certain to include the appropriate line numbers. If the portion of the poem that you are referencing is lengthier, you will need to add a greater number of line numbers (12-32). If you are going to cite two different parts using an ellipsis, make sure to use a comma in between them to show the range of the sections (11-15, 18-21).

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