How To See Quote Tweets?

Click or press the Quote Tweets button that is located beneath the tweet.It’s possible that you’ll need to browse down a bit before you locate it.You will now be presented with a list of all Twitter users who have referenced your tweet, along with the contributions they have made to the ongoing discussion.

If someone with a private Twitter account cited one of your tweets, you won’t be able to view it until you follow the private account holder in question.

Twitter’s instructions for seeing quoted responses and retweets

  1. Visit the tweet’s original location and take note of the URL in the address bar of your browser
  2. Make a copy of the string of 19-digit digits that is located at the very end of the URL for the tweet
  3. Click the magnifying glass button located in the upper-right corner of your Twitter Home screen

How do I share a public quote on Twitter?

Copy the link, then paste it into the Search field and click the Enter key. A feed compiles all of the publicly available tweets that contain quotes. Simply choose the arrow that points downwards in the top right corner of the tweet. You can choose to share your Tweet via.

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How do I see all replies to a tweet?

Copy the URL to the tweet that you want to view quoted replies for, then navigate to the tweet that you want to see quoted replies for.Launch the Quoted Replies app, put the URL into the app’s search bar, and you will see all of the quoted replies to that tweet.While you’re here, you may as well have a look at our tutorial that discusses a bot that makes it simpler for you to read through a thread on Twitter.

Can you retweet someone’s quote on Twitter?

The capability of retweeting an update posted by another user together with a quotation from your own account is one of Twitter’s most popular and often utilized features. Whether it’s to offer a few extra lines of information that the original post is missing or just to provide a new viewpoint and opinion on the subject, comments are always welcome.

How can I see all the quotes of a tweet?

In addition to the retweets and likes that are displayed at the bottom of a tweet, Twitter has introduced a new tab called ″Quote Tweets.″ The ability to quote tweets will become available after one of your tweets is retweeted alongside additional remarks. You may touch on this, and it will bring up all of the tweets that were cited.

How do I see quoted replies on Twitter?

When you click on a Tweet, a popup icon will appear; on that icon, you will see a link labeled ″Responses.″ Clicking on that link will take you to the page where you may examine the quoted replies for that Tweet.

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Why can I not see a quote tweet?

Some of the tweets that contain quotes might not be visible because the accounts that posted them are locked, or because the accounts that posted them have blocked your account (or that you have blocked), or because the tweets might not have been QT’d, or because the tweets might contain content that Twitter has hidden from search (including largely duplicated material).

How do I search for a quote on Twitter?

You may search for the URL of the Tweet you are interested in to locate other Tweets that have quoted the Tweet you are looking for. You may do a search for all Tweets that quote the Tweets of a certain person by searching for the profile of that user and removing the user’s own Tweets from the search results.

How do you see other peoples retweets?

Clicking on the original tweet and then clicking the number of retweets located below the text is now all that users need to do in order to view the RTs that include comments.This will cause a second screen to load, on which you will be able to view the number and list of regular RTs, in addition to the number and list of comment RTs.A comparison may be made between retweets that include comments and those that do not:

How do you use quoted replies?

You only need to search for a tweet that piques your interest using the Twitter app on your mobile device, regardless of whether you’re using Android or iOS.Simply select the ″Share Tweet through″ option after clicking on the ″share″ icon.You may see all of the quoted answers on the tweet by looking for the app called ″Quoted Replies″ within the list of applications and then clicking on it.

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Why can’t I see replies on Twitter?

If you are unable to view answers on Twitter, it is possible that the tweets in question are protected by other users, that you are not following the relevant individual, or that the author of the tweet is choosing to conceal them.

What is a quote tweet?

A ReTweet is essentially the same thing as a Quote Tweet, with the exception that the latter permits you to insert your own remarks above the original tweet and broadcast both to your followers. Everyone will be able to comprehend a Tweet’s meaning when it is presented in this manner.

How do you do advanced search on Twitter mobile?

How do you utilize the Advanced Search function on Twitter?

  1. Simply type in the terms of your search into the Twitter search bar
  2. Click ″Search filters″ and then ″Advanced search″ in the top left corner of the page displaying your search results
  3. To narrow your search results, please complete the fields that are applicable
  4. To view the results, click the ″search″ button.

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