Not What We Say About Our Blessings Quote?

″The sincerity of our gratitude cannot be determined by what we say about our benefits but rather by how we put those blessings to work in our lives.″

″The ultimate measure of our gratitude is not what we say about our benefits but rather how we use them,″ —W. T. Purkiser, first published on

Do these quotes inspire you to only focus on Your Blessings?

  1. Your ability to count your blessings should be your exclusive concentration after reading these quotations.
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  3. ″Everything in my life began to change the day that I decided to start being grateful.″ Willie Nelson 2.
  4. ″Recognize and appreciate your many benefits.″ Steve Maraboli 3.
  5. ″Remember to keep your head up at all times, for if you let it hang low, you won’t be able to perceive the gifts that have been put in your life.″ Anonymous, position 4

What is a good quote for counting your blessings?

  1. Quotes on being blessed.
  2. ″Don’t dwell on your shortcomings; rather, concentrate on the things you do well.
  3. Your character, not your reputation, should be your first concern.
  4. Instead than dwelling on your troubles, prioritize on your positives.
  5. ″Don’t focus on your difficulties; instead, count your blessings.
  6. Instead than counting the blessings of others, focus on your own.
  1. Keep in mind that envy is shown when one counts another person’s blessings rather than one’s own.
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What does the Bible say about being blessed?

″Blessed is the man who has learned to admire rather than enviously follow, to follow rather than mimic, to praise rather than flatter, and to lead rather than manage,″ ″The rewards that are acquired through prayer and worn with thankfulness are the sweetest of all,″

Do blessings come soon or come late?

There are benefits that come quickly, blessings that arrive late, and blessings that don’t come until heaven, but all of them come to those who accept the gospel that Jesus Christ sent. In the long run, everything will turn out well. Put your faith in God, and know that wonderful things are on the way. It is a blessing to be able to love and be loved in return by another person.

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