Sinclair Lewis Quote When Fascism Comes?

  1. When fascism arrived in the United States, as Sinclair Lewis put it, ″it will be wrapped in the flag and bearing a cross.″ It turns out that the American author Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951), who is revered for writing such 20th-century masterpieces as Main Street, Elmer Gantry, Dodsworth, and Babbit, also literally wrote the book on the fascist takeover of America.
  2. Sinclair Lewis was born in Ohio and died in 1951.

Did Bryce tweet a quote from Sinclair Lewis?

  1. According to an email sent out by a spokeswoman for the group, ″it appears out Sinclair Lewis never authored those precise words,″ despite the fact that he is typically given credit for having written them.
  2. According to the spokeswoman, Bryce modified his Twitter page to reflect the fact that it is not a quote from Sinclair Lewis.
  3. On March 12, when we visited Bryce’s account, the tweet had not been removed from his page where it had been pinned.

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