The Watcher Quote What If?

  • The One Who Watches: It is the Watcher that I am.
  • I am here to serve as your guide as we traverse these expansive new worlds.
  • Come with me, and challenge yourself to confront the unknown while pondering the following question: what if?
  • The One Who Watches: Place, epoch, and actuality.
  • It’s not as simple as following a straight line.

It is a prism that reflects an infinite number of possibilities.

Is what if… the Watcher kid friendly?

  • Check out this Marvel’s WHAT IF Parents Guide if you want to know more about whether or not the program is appropriate for children.
  • Time, space, and the actual world It’s not as simple as following a straight line.
  • It is a prism that reflects an infinite number of possibilities.
  • where a single decision may lead to an unlimited number of other realities, therefore generating universes that are distinct from the ones you are familiar with.
  • The Watcher is my name.

How does the Watcher interfere in the story?

The Watcher claims that he is honoring his promise by staying out of the way of the unfolding events for the most part and simply observing from a distance. On the other hand, as the plot progresses, he becomes more involved with his surroundings, which calls into doubt his true participation with the characters.

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What should the Watcher say to Christine?

  • Not Christine, and certainly not the world!
  • The One Who Watches: To tell you the truth, if I could change this or if I could find another way to discipline you, I would.
  • However, I am unable to intervene.
  • You, of all people, should have a better understanding than anybody else that interfering with time and events simply results in greater damage.
  • 28.

One life, one instant, one choice may ruin the entire cosmos.— The One Who Watches

What is the movie The Watcher about?

The One Who Watches: (opening narration) The human who was hidden inside the Hulk, known as Dr. Bruce Banner, was hurled from the heavens to warn mankind of an impending threat. However, the world that he discovered was not one that he was familiar with. 30. Spider-Man: Hey, don’t worry about that.

What does the Watcher say in Marvel?

The Watcher looked across at his companions and remarked that every living thing looks for a place it can call its own and feel a sense of belonging. The Watcher, on his part, said that every world and every narrative is his home, and that he will defend them until the very end.

Is the Watcher in What If the same as Loki?

The Watchers do not intervene with any events that take place; hence, they are not comparable to Loki’s He Who Remains/Kang. On the other hand, this specific Watcher is distinct from his peers in that he does not meddle with events that take place.

What is the Watcher oath Marvel?

  • Uatu the Watcher is one of the oldest characters in the Marvel world, which is appropriate given that he descended from one of the oldest species ever seen in the cosmos.
  • The Watchers have taken an oath to watch members of other races without interfering with them in any way.
  • Uatu is the Watcher for Earth, although he is notorious for his habit of constantly breaking the pledge he took to protect the planet.
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Does the Watcher intervene in the comics?

History. It was believed that the Watchers were the oldest race in the universe. They were devoted to keeping a watchful eye and gathering information on all elements of the cosmos without interfering with their work in any way.

Who did the Watcher swear his oath?

It is possible that the introduction of Uatu in the Galactus Trilogy, a narrative that was recounted over the course of three issues of the early Fantastic Four comics, is what has brought him the most notoriety. This was the very first time that the Watcher had broken his pledge, an oath that is so well known that even the all-powerful Galactus is familiar with it.

Who did the Watcher make a oath to?

  • The Watchers placed the burden for the disaster squarely on their own shoulders and pledged to refrain from interfering in the business of any other races in the future.
  • They do not actively participate in the events, but rather observe and record them for those who will come after the end of the universe.
  • Uatu is the Watcher who has the responsibility of keeping an eye on Earth from his residence in the blue region of the moon.

Is the Watcher Kang the Conqueror What If?

It is revealed in Marvel comics that Kang the Conqueror is a malevolent version of the Watcher who is capable of witnessing every conceivable timeline and meddling with each one. Warning: this article discusses events that occur in Timeless #1!

Is Stan Lee the Watcher?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Watcher informant is a figure that does not exist in real life. Stan Lee portrayed him in the film.

Is the Watcher in Ant Man?

His cameos in ″The Incredible Hulk,″ ″Captain America: The First Avenger,″ ″Thor: Ragnarok,″ and ″Ant-Man and the Wasp″ were never acknowledged in the films in which they appeared.

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Are the Watchers celestials?

The planet X. In the parallel universe represented by Earth X (Earth-9997), the Watchers serve as the Celestials’ subservient workforce.

What happens if Watcher breaks oath?

Andrews stated that the creative team always planned to make this episode bring together all of the stories from previous episodes, and Bradley stated that the major source of tension in the season finale involves the question of whether or not the Watcher will break his oath of not interfering, or if he will stay as usual doing nothing, musing if he will break his oath in the future.

What happens if the Watcher dies?

1 A Watcher Has the Ability to Will Himself to Come Back to Life Even if Nick Fury was the one who killed The Watcher, it is nevertheless a reality that no Watcher can pass away and stay dead. The ability to revive oneself at command is a capability the Watchers possess.

Are the Watchers evil Marvel?

The Watcher is uncovered as the most dangerous villain in the Marvel Universe due to the fact that he favors a strategy of intervention over non-intervention in all of his dealings.

Who can defeat the watcher?

Strange. Dr. Strange is one of the few Marvel characters that have the power and capacity to kill someone on a level comparable to that of the Watcher. And despite the fact that Strange would never sink to such lows in his usual life, he’s been going down a very dark road as of late.

Is the watcher the strongest Marvel character?

Fans of Marvel have argued this subject in the past and will continue to do so indefinitely, but there are a few characters that stand out as being the strongest. Although we have already noted that Uatu the Watcher is one of the most powerful characters in the show, The Watcher has acknowledged Molecule Man as being the most powerful entity.

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