This Quote Is Located Early In The Narrative. What Does It Reveal About Father Paul?

Try to persuade Teofilo, who is getting on in years, to accompany you. As they drove away, the priest gave them a kind grin and waved as they passed by. This quotation may be found at the beginning of the story. The fact that Teofilo has died away, which reveals information about Father Paul, is well known to him.

This quotation may be found at the beginning of the story. What does it tell us about Father Paul and his character? He is disconnected from the people he serves in the community. Please take a moment to read the following passage from the short story ″The Man to Send Rain Clouds″ written by Leslie Marmon Silko.

What does the father Paul know about Teofilo?

He is aware that Teofilo has crossed over to the other side. According to the citation that is provided in the inquiry, Father Paul is ″out of touch with the people he serves,″ and this is revealed about Father Paul. (A) The cited passage indicated that the issue or the problem was brought up in the beginning of the story.

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How can it be deduced that Father Paul is out of touch?

  1. It is possible to draw the following conclusions about Father Paul based on the quote that is included in the narrative: A.
  2. Father Paul is disconnected from the members of the community that he serves.
  3. The Person Responsible for the Clouds of Rain Leslie Marmon Silko is the author of the short tale that has the title ‘The Man to Send Rain Clouds,’ which was first released to the public in the year 1974.

What issue or problem was early part of the narrative?

According to the citation, the topic at hand or the problem surfaced in the story’s early chapters. This comment demonstrates that ″Father Paul″ was also highly perplexed, and as a result, his decision was wavering between the two distinct possibilities. On the previous Sunday, the priest was supposed to serve at the church, but he was unable to make it.

What inference can you make about Father Paul’s?

Inferences that might be drawn regarding Father Paul’s reasons for travelling with Leon to pour holy water on Teofilo’s tomb include the following: He has high expectations that Teofilo’s family would grant him permission to conduct a funeral Mass for their loved one. He has high expectations that his ideals would be able to be seamlessly incorporated into theirs.

What does Father Paul do at the end of the story?

When Father Paul finally arrives to join the rest of his parishioners in the cemetery, he is the very last person to do so, and as he spills a jar of holy water over Teofilo’s grave, he joins the Native American community in some tiny manner.

What does the outcome of this discussion reveal about the priest quizlet?

What aspects of the priest are brought to light as a result of this conversation’s conclusion? He makes the decision to submit his entire being to the deeply held religious traditions of the Pueblo people. He comes to the realization that he can give Teofilo a Catholic funeral by pouring holy water over the casket after it has been closed.

What does the holy water symbolize for Leon Leon watched him climb?

  1. He was relieved that it was over, and he was pleased that the holy water had been sprinkled, as it meant that the elderly guy would now be able to reliably shower them with large thunderclouds.
  2. What does it mean for Leon that the water comes from a holy well?
  3. It is significant because it represents his links to the Catholic Church.
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It is a representation of his deep love and admiration for Teofilo.

Which excerpt from The Man to Send Rain Clouds best illustrates how Leon’s beliefs differ from those of Father Paul?

Which passage from ″The Man Who Sent Rain Clouds″ provides the clearest example of the contrast between Leon’s ideas and those of Father Paul? Leon tilted his head to stare up at the high blue mountains covered in heavy snow, which reflected a dim red light coming from the direction of the west.

What does the holy water symbolize for Father Paul What does the holy water symbolize for Leon?

What does it mean for Leon that the water comes from a holy well? It is significant because it represents his links to the Catholic Church. It is a representation of his deep love and admiration for Teofilo.

Is Father Paul the vampire?

After watching the teaser for the series, you might get that impression. However, in classic Flanagan flair, the filmmaker gives a well-known creature from mythology his own unique spin. When Father Paul, who is a vampire despite his best efforts to avoid becoming one, refuses to drink the blood of other people, he finally falls ill and passes away (he eventually spurts back to life).

Does Father Paul become a vampire?

The late Beverly Keane Identified the picture of Father Paul that was hanging on Monsignor Pruitt’s wall. The fact that Father Paul had to leave St. Patrick’s Church in the middle of Mass because he was in the throes of his transformation into a vampire provided the conclusive evidence that Monsignor Pruitt was indeed Father Paul.

What happens to Father Paul Midnight Mass?

During an interview with The Wrap, Flanagan categorically said that this is the case. When The Angel first comes upon Father Paul, it does not immediately murder him. Because it requires him to get it out of there, all it does is give him enough blood to make him feel younger and to give him a vital sense. It is necessary for him to travel during the day.

What inference can be made about the grandmother’s point of view in this excerpt quizlet?

In light of the above passage, what conclusions can you draw about the grandmother’s point of view? She is eager to incorporate herself and her family into the culture that is considered to be the norm in the United States. Because she has such a strong aversion to American culture, she is hesitant to participate in any facet of the diversity movement.

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What does the image of the lamb above the priest’s door symbolize?

What does the picture of the lamb that is hung over the entrance of the priest’s office signify? The traditions of the Catholic Church are represented by the lamb as a symbol.

Which of the following pieces of dialogue from Leslie Marmon Silko’s story The Man to Send rain Clouds best reveals that Father Paul sees compromise?

Which of the following lines of conversation from Leslie Marmon Silko’s short fiction ″The Man to Send Rain Clouds″ gives the clearest indication that Father Paul considers a middle ground between the two religions to be the most viable alternative? After Leon opened the door, Father Paul sprang to his feet and said, ″Wait.″

Why does Father Paul tell Leon he can’t bring the holy water to the funeral?

Why is it that Father Paul feels hesitant to perform what Leon asks of him? In order to properly celebrate a Christian burial, according to Father Paul, one must first receive the Last Rites and then attend a Mass. Because Telofilo was not given a Christian burial, he does not feel comfortable sprinkling Holy Water over his body.

What is the main point of the man to send rain clouds?

Characterization, both direct and indirect, is used throughout ″The Man Who Sent Rain Clouds″ to illustrate the struggle that exists within the story.In a great number of Native American tribes, the feathers represent the emancipation and journey of the soul after death.The fact that they are placed on dead bodies demonstrates that they are being given the ability to cross over into the spiritual realm (Venefica 25).

What is the significance of the cottonwood tree under which Teofilo dies?

The response of Native Americans to the passing of a loved one is ceremonial. After discovering the dead body of Leon’s grandfather under the cottonwood tree, the young men act respectfully toward the deceased.

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