Voltaire Quote Who Controls You?

″If you want to know who governs you, look at the people you are not permitted to criticize,″ says the proverb. ~ Voltaire If there is life elsewhere in the universe, then our planet must be the most lunatic place in the whole place. ~ Voltaire ″The more often one does something stupid, the more it has the appearance of wisdom,″ said Albert Einstein. ~ Voltaire

What did Voltaire say about who rules over you?

The following is what he had to say: ″To learn who controls over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticize. —Voltaire.″ This quote made a surprising appearance as the ″Quote of the Day″ on a number of websites in 2012, despite the fact that Voltaire had lived from 1694-1778. The citation does not show up anywhere in the Google News Archive at any point.

Was Voltaire a critic or activist?

According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Voltaire was a critic and public activist; nonetheless, the statement was not said until more than two centuries after he had passed away. According to etymologist Barry Popik, the remark first appeared in a radio program given by Kevin Alfred Strom in 1993. The original version of the quote had slightly different wording.

What is the best Voltaire quote for beginners?

77 Best Voltaire Quotes. 1. ″Think for yourself and give others the privilege of doing so as well,″ is the first piece of advice. – Voltaire. 2. ″Do not believe that money can solve all of your problems; if you do, you will find yourself doing everything for money.″ – Voltaire. 3. ″No problem can resist the attack of continuous pondering,″ Winston Churchill famously said. – Voltaire. 4.

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