What Fools These Mortals Be Quote?

In William Shakespeare’s comedy, ″A Midsummer Night’s Dream,″ the line ″Lord, what idiots these mortals be!″ can be found in Act III, Scene 2 of the play.The remark in question was made by Robin Goodfellow, often known as Puck, to Oberon and falls; it can be found in line 117 of the play.This well-known Shakespearean comedy is known for many memorable quotes, but this one may be the most well-known.

A quote from William Shakespeare from his play ″A Midsummer Night’s Dream.″ Puck, a mischievous fairy, is making a remark to his king about the foolishness of the humans who have entered his forest. He is addressing the monarch directly.

What was Puck’s famous quote?

Gentlemen, there will be no further giving; this fantasy is all that remains.

What fools these mortals be Seneca?

What a bunch of simpletons these people are! They allow the cheapest and most worthless goods, which can readily be replaced, to be charged in the reckoning after they have gained them; nevertheless, they never consider themselves to be in debt when they have gotten some of the most valuable commodity there is—time!

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Which character says the famous line Lord what fools these mortals be or how silly humans can be?

Oh, Lord, look at the stupidity of these mere humans! Puck relates the situation involving Titania and Bottom to Oberon, who is located in a different section of the forest.

Shall we their fond pageant see ?/ Lord what fools these mortals be?

Should we take a look at their joyful pageant? Oh, Lord, look at the stupidity of these mere humans! Helena, the leader of the fairies, will soon arrive. Also sleeping in this room is the young man who I initially misunderstood for this one. He is pleading with her to fall in love with him.

What is the most famous line from A Midsummer night’s Dream?

I had a dream, but it’s impossible to put my finger on what the dream was about. What I saw and experienced in my dream is something that the human eye has not seen, the human ear has not heard, the human hand cannot taste, the human tongue cannot fathom, and the human heart cannot report. Shall not cause a disturbance in this holy place.

What is Puck’s final speech?

Puck brings to a close his statement by effectively declaring, ″If we don’t make it up to you, you may call me a liar.″ So, I hope everyone has a restful night. Clap your hands to show your appreciation, and I, Robin Goodfellow, will make up for whatever wrongdoing I may have committed in exchange for your applause.

What is Seneca known for?

Seneca is regarded as a pivotal figure in Roman philosophy during the Imperial Period.Seneca, a Stoic philosopher who wrote in Latin, made a significant and enduring contribution to the philosophy of Stoicism.He has a pivotal position in the literature on Stoicism of the period and is largely responsible for shaping the concept of Stoic thinking that was to be held by subsequent generations.

What man can you show me Seneca?

Can you point me in the direction of someone who gives his time any consideration, who evaluates the significance of each day, and who is aware that he is passing away each day?

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What is the last line in A Midsummer night’s Dream?

After that, Puck bids his audience a pleasant evening. The final two words go as follows: ″Give me your hands if we are friends, and Robin will make apologies.″

What is Lysander’s famous line?

″The path of genuine affection was never an easy one to travel.″ Because love does not gaze with its eyes but rather with its intellect, Cupid is often shown as having blindfolded wings. ″Why do you believe that I would woo someone who looks down on me?

What is the first line of A Midsummer night’s Dream?

As fleeting as a shadow and as fleeting as any dream, As fleeting as a flash of lightning in the middle of the night, which, contained inside a second, may reveal both heaven and earth. And before a guy may have the ability to cry out ″Behold!″

What does mine own and not mine own mean?

Even Helena admits that she has ″discovered Demetrius like a jewel,/mine own, and not mine own″ (4.1.176-177).She is drawing a comparison by comparing Demetrius to a diamond that she discovered, and she is expressing this as an analogy.It is in her possession due to the fact that she discovered it, but it is not difficult for another person to come along, take the diamond away, and assert that it is theirs instead.

How low thou painted maypole meaning?

She makes a remark about Helena’s height as well as her use of cosmetics when she refers to her as a ″painted maypole.″ This implies that whatever beauty that Helena possesses is due to her use of cosmetics. The viciousness that is apparent in these statements demonstrates that the buddies have reached an all-time low, stooping to the level of calling each other derogatory names.

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What did Lysander say to Helena?

And here, with all good intent and with all of my heart, in Hermia’s love I hand you up my portion; And yours of Helena to me bequeath, Whom I do adore and whom I will continue to love till the day that I die.

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