What Is A Good Birthday Quote?

  1. Birthday greetings that are a source of motivation ″When you look back on your life, count the smiles, not the tears.″
  2. ″Have a wonderful birthday!″
  3. ″A wish for you on your birthday: may everything you ask, may it be granted to you
  4. May whatever you seek, may it be discovered
  5. May whatever you hope, may it come true on your birthday and
  6. You have another year ahead of you that is packed with exciting experiences.
  7. ″May the happiness that you have brought to others in the past be returned to you on this day.

What to say to wish someone a good birthday?

Examples ″I wish for you that today is filled to the brim with everything that makes you smile,″ ″On the occasion of your birthday, I want you to know that I will be thinking about you and wishing you the best.″ ″Letting folks know how much they mean to you on their birthdays is a great way to show appreciation.″ You are important to me, and I hope that today is wonderful for you.″May your birthday bring you nothing but happiness and fulfillment.″

What is a good sentence for Happy Birthday?

Examples ″Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday!″ ″I really hope you get to celebrate in a way that’s enjoyable!″ ″You are deserving of every pleasant thing.

What are the best funny birthday quotes?

  1. ″Have a wonderful birthday!″
  2. Happy birthday! You’re older now than you were yesterday, but younger than you will be tomorrow.
  3. ″Forget about the past since there’s nothing you can do to alter it.
  4. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
  5. ″Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without relying on a reminder from Facebook.″
  6. ″To Your Birthday and Beyond!″
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What is the best birthday quote?

  1. Best wishes on your 50th anniversary!
  2. Do you remember how delighted you were when you became ten years old?
  3. Every day, I offer appreciation for the privilege of sharing in the 50 years of your life that have been filled with the pleasures, experiences, commitments, and families that have helped shape you into the person you are today!
  4. You cannot possibly be 50 years old
  5. People are saying that 50 is the new 40.
  6. At age 50, one may expect nothing but the best
  7. Best wishes on your 50th birthday.

What to write in a funny birthday quote?

″Happy birthday to one of the few individuals whose birthday I can remember without needing a reminder from Facebook,″ I said to the person who’s birthday it was.″Have a wonderful birthday!To be honest, you don’t appear quite as old as you are.But on the other hand, you don’t appear quite as young as you are.″ From one wonderful lady to another, I want to wish a happy birthday to someone who is not only brilliant but also stunning, hilarious, and in many ways resembles myself.

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