What Is A Pull Quote In Word?

Pull quotes are snippets of text that are separated from the main body of the text in order to attract the attention of the reader.These snippets of text are typically a quote from an individual who plays an important role in the narrative, but they can also simply be a short and interesting sentence.Pull quotes should be rather brief, ranging anything from a few words to a few lines in length.

(A pull quote is a floatering text bubble that emphasizes a particular passage from the content.) In most cases, a sidebar is a section of supplemental text.)

What are pull quotes used for?

The second format is for pull quotes, often known as editorial notes. Pull quotes are simply blocks of text that are positioned either to the side of the document text or inline with it. They are employed to draw attention to particular passages of text and also contribute to the visually breaking up of content in lengthy papers.

How do you make a pull quote stand out in word?

Make the pull quotes stand out from the text that they are accompanying. Make the pull quote stand out from the rest of the text by separating it out with a distinct typeface, rules, or a box with shading. You may also try aligning it to the right, adding bigger quote marks, or having it cross over two columns of text.

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What are Sideheads and pull quotes in Microsoft Word?

Pull quotes and sideheads, in which the subheadings of a document show off to the side of the text, are essentially just two specialized applications for text boxes in Microsoft Word. Sideheads are a similar feature. This is how they should be put up.

How to use hanging punctuation in pull quotes?

Your pull quote will have a more structured and tidy appearance if you use hanging punctuation. In addition to this, it provides your article or book with the illusion of having constant margins around the content. Make sure that the text wrap is set correctly in order to adjust the amount of space that exists between the pull quote and the body content.

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