What Is The Quote First They Came For?

First, they went after the Socialists, and although I wanted to protest, I refrained from doing so since I was not a Socialist. After that, they went after the Trade Unionists, and I remained silent since I was not a member of the Trade Unionists. Then they came for the Jews, and because I was not a Jew, I kept quiet and did not protest their actions.

Where did the phrase “first they came” come from?

It is perhaps going too far to suggest that Niemoller’s incarceration and subsequent arrest were the source of the ″first they came.″ notion. But from what we can infer, Dachau was ultimately responsible for a significant portion of it. She made the request shortly after the war as they were travelling close to Dachau with his wife and wanted to view his old cell.

Who wrote the poem first they came?

Martin Niemoller, a German Lutheran preacher who lived from 1892 till 1984, is the author of the poem titled ″First They Came.″

What is the first line of first they came about?

The phrase that was ultimately chosen to serve as the song’s title may be found in the very first words of ″First They Came,″ which are spoken by the speaker. He discusses the issue of the Nazis’ initial target group, which was the Communists.

Who said they thought they were free quote?

The comment was first made public in 1955 when it was included in a book written by Milton Mayer titled They Thought They Were Free. The book was based on interviews that Mayer had done in Germany many years previously. In the late 1950s in the United States, civil rights activists and educators were responsible for spreading this statement. [Citation needed]

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