What Page Is The Quote?

— Bob Roth, co-owner of South Gate-based World Oil Corp., stated on April 13 that he had assured Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh that the company’s long-delayed proposal for a mixed-use development in Bakersfield called Bakersfield Commons would soon be built. Roth made these remarks at an event held in which he said he was attending.

How do you quote a quote from a page number?

If the quotation was found on page 28 of the source that you are quoting from, you would do it in the manner described above. Take note that the real quotation ends with just the closing quote mark and not a period; this is something to keep in mind. After that follows the period, followed by the parenthetical indication of the page number.

How many quotations are there on quotes?

We now have over 28,000 sayings and phrases available online, sourced from over 3,400 different writers, and more are being added every day. Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Gandhi, Confucius, Nietzsche, Thoreau, Emerson, and Benjamin Franklin are some of the authors whose quotes are included in this collection.

How do I search for quotations?

Enter either a phrase that you want to look for within the quotation, the author’s name in its entirety or in part, or both of these things to search for quotations.In the following box, you may also choose the collections to search.For further information, please refer to the Search Instructions.Your findings are going to be shown in this section.

  • Are you unable to locate what it is that you require?
  • You might like to go through our selection of quotations organized by topic.
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How do I find a quote from a book on Amazon?

To begin, you might search for information on the book on Amazon.com.You should look for the edition that you have used, and if you locate it, you should click on the product that corresponds to that edition.You should see the cover of the book to the left, along with the phrase ″Look Inside,″ if you’re lucky.You may search for the quotation by clicking on the cover and then scrolling through the pages of the preview that appears on your screen.

How do I find a quote?

You can use these internet sources as a jumping off point to identify a quotation; however, you should still locate and verify the source from which the quotation was taken.

  1. Bartleby.
  2. Mathematical Quotations Served Up By The Furman University Server
  3. The Phrase Finder.
  4. Wikiquote.
  5. Wikiquote: List of Common Misquotations.
  6. Wiktionary: Proverbs from the English Language
  7. Wiktionary: A Collection of Proverbs Organized by Language

What is quote in a book?

A quote is an exact duplicate of the words spoken or written by another person.Quotes are often surrounded in quotation marks and credit is given to the person who first said or wrote the words.When do I need to use quotation marks?There are three primary instances in academic writing where direct quotation is the most appropriate choice: In order to do a linguistic analysis of the author (e.g., in a literary analysis essay)

How do you find the page number of a book?

When reading an ebook, it is important to check the top and bottom of each page for page numbers because many ebooks, particularly those in PDF format, have their original pagination. At most cases, you may discover the chapter and page numbers by glancing in the table of contents (within the first few pages of the book).

What if I can’t find the page number of a quote?

If the source you are using does not offer page numbers, you should make an effort to include information that will assist readers in locating the paragraph you are citing. Use the name of the heading or section, an abbreviated version of the heading or section name, a paragraph number (such as para. 1), or any combination of these.

How do you read quotes?

How to Make the Most of Your Time Spent Reading Quotes

  1. Repeat the reading of the quotation a few times.
  2. After you’ve finished reading the quote, give some thought to it.
  3. As a topic for meditation, you may choose to focus on a quote that really resonates with you, particularly one taken from one of the many scriptures or teachings of the world’s great spiritual masters
  4. Always make an effort to read between the lines of quotes
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What page is this quote on in the crucible?

You loved me, John Proctor, and whatever of the wrong that I committed, you still love me!’ – Abigail Williams, Act one, page 19 This is one of the most famous sentences said by Abigail during the entirety of ″The Crucible.″ This particular remark was made by Abigail Williams during her discussion with John Proctor.

What is a quote from a book called?

An epigraph is a brief statement, sentence, or paragraph that serves as the introduction of a book. Epigraphs can stand alone as written pieces.

How do you insert a quote?

A direct quote has to be enclosed in quotation marks (‘ ‘), and if it’s more than 40 words long, it needs to be structured as a block quotation instead of just being typed out. Then, immediately following the quotation, you must insert a citation within the text to indicate the source of the quotation.

How do I cite a quote from a book?

The last name of the author is included in in-text citations, followed by the page number, which is surrounded by parentheses. ‘Here’s a direct quotation’ (Smith 8). If the name of the author is not provided, the first word or words of the title should be used instead. Be sure to apply the same formatting conventions, such as quote marks, that were utilized in the books referenced list.

How do I figure out who said a quote?

You may search by author, genre, or text, or you can browse categories. A free online compendium of referenced quotations from famous individuals and creative works in every language Wikiquote is an online compendium of quotations. When doing a search for a quotation, Wikiquote is an excellent place to begin. It is permissible to use only quotations that are accompanied by source citations.

What’s LOC in Kindle?

On all Kindle devices, such as the Paperwhite, Oasis, and Fire, as well as users of the Kindle app, the term ″loc″ refers to the Location ID. A Location reference is used instead of a page number since the size of the screen on some eReaders prevents them from displaying the whole page in an ergonomically sound manner.

How do I cite an eBook?

Use the standard in-text citation structure, which consists of the author’s last name followed by the publication year, when you want to reference an ebook in your work.Include the author’s last name and first initial, the year the book was published, the title of the book written in italics, and the retrieval information or the DOI number in each entry of the reference list for an APA-style paper.

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How do you reference a quote from a website?

Cite web sites in the text the same way you would cite any other source, including the author and date if you are aware of them.It is important to keep in mind that the author may not be a person but rather an institution.When there is no author listed for a source, the title should be used in its place.When citing sources that do not include a date, use ″n.d.″ (which stands for ″no date″) in place of the year: (Smith, n.d.).

How do you quote in APA?

In-text citations according to the APA style should include the author’s last name and the publication year, for example: (Field, 2005). Include the page number when quoting directly from a source, like in the following example: (Field, 2005, p. 14). When citing sources like websites and electronic books that do not have page numbers, a paragraph number should be used instead.

How do I find the page number of an article?

You can typically locate the issue number and volume on the front cover of a physical journal, or you may look at the top of a PDF version of an online journal article to get this information. Some academic journals have page numbers that appear very unusual, such as ″e240-249.″ Include these in your reference in the order that they appear in the journal.

What Page did this quote come from?

When doing a search for a quotation, Wikiquote is an excellent place to begin. It is permissible to use only quotations that are accompanied by source citations. It also covers common misunderstandings of quotes and plausible explanations for where they came from.

What page number is This quote?

Page numbers are often located in one of the corners on either the top or bottom of a page.If you discovered a quote, for instance, on page 10 of a book, you should cite page 10.Include all of the pages, even if the content was split out over multiple different ones.So you may cite pages 10-16.

  • Sometimes, page numbers could feature letters like ‘B1’ or utilize Roman numerals like ‘iv’ or ‘xi.’

What is the page number of this quote?

Where on this page is the quotation? Did Jay Gatsby buy that mansion so that he could be close to Daisy by living only over the bay? Quotes Worth Remembering from The Great Gatsby, Chapter 4 FIRST QUOTE: ″Gatsby purchased that house in order for Daisy to be only over the harbor″ (Fitzgerald, 78) – In this chapter, we come to understand the mysterious backstory of these long-term lovers.

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