What Page Was This Quote On?

– If you discovered a quotation, for instance, on page 10 of a book, you should reference page 10.- Include all of the pages, even if the content was split out over multiple different ones.So you may cite pages 10-16.

– Sometimes, page numbers could feature letters like ‘B1’ or utilize Roman numerals like ‘iv’ or ‘xi.’ In situations like these, you should always apply the system of numbering that was utilized by the source.

How do I find quotes and famous quotations?

You’ve reached the Find Quotes and Famous Quotations section of our web.Please enter your search criteria below to search for quotations on a variety of websites devoted to quotations.Finding quotations shouldn’t be hard or time-consuming, and that’s our mission here.

We will continue to update this page with other quote websites as they become available; in the meanwhile, feel free to bookmark this page.

How do you quote a quote from a page number?

If the quotation was found on page 28 of the source that you are quoting from, you would do it in the manner described above. Take note that the real quotation ends with just the closing quote mark and not a period; this is something to keep in mind. After that follows the period, followed by the parenthetical indication of the page number.

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How many quotations are there on quotes?

We now have over 28,000 sayings and phrases available online, sourced from over 3,400 different writers, and more are being added every day. Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Gandhi, Confucius, Nietzsche, Thoreau, Emerson, and Benjamin Franklin are some of the authors whose quotes are included in this collection.

Does the preview contain all the pages in a quote?

The preview will not include all of the pages, but even if some pages are omitted, it should still be possible for you to determine the page number of the quotation you are looking for. This presupposes that you have read the book and are familiar enough with it to pinpoint approximately where the statement was taken from.

What page is This quote on in the Great Gatsby?

Page number: 30. The Great Gatsby. 18. The Jazz Age. I have high hopes that she will be a gorgeous little idiot since I believe it to be the most endearing thing a girl can be in this world. The Great Gatsby, also known as 9033. I couldn’t help but feel remorseful and angry all at the same time as I walked away from her. Great Gatsby, published in 4772.

What is an example of what this quote says?

″Setting a good example for your children is the most valuable gift you can give them.″ Even in your absence, your example is still being followed, which indicates that you are always present!″ ″Great leaders are great servants because the only way to set an example is by displaying an example yourself. This is why excellent leaders are great servants.

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What page of ‘1984’ is This quote from?

This passage from Book One, Chapter VIII, highlights how an individual’s comprehension of the past has the ability to influence their perspective on the present.Winston has just emerged from a frustrating conversation about life before the Revolution with an elderly man, and he has come to the realization that the Party has deliberately set out to weaken people’s memories in order to render them incapable of challenging what the Party claims about the present.This realization has caused Winston to realize that the Party has deliberately set out to weaken people’s memories.

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