What To Say Instead Of This Quote Shows?

Words such as ″illustrates,″ ″proves,″ ″displays,″ ″reveals,″ ″describes,″ ″highlights,″ ″defines,″ ″illuminates,″ ″clarifies,″ ″exemplifies,″ ″portrays,″ ″emphasises,″ ″encapsulates,″ ″connotes,″ ″depicts,″ ″suggests,″ ″points out,″ ″explains,″ ″explains,″ ″outlines,″ ″presents,″ ″points to,″

What is another word for quotation?

Cite, mention, name, reference, specify, give, adduce, relate, and evoke are all synonyms for the word quote. Other synonyms are instance, mention, name, and reference. Visit wordhippo.com for a greater selection of related terms.

What are some good phrases to use instead of “make the reader”?

  • The following are some phrases that are more appropriate to use in place of ″makes the reader″: The reader may have sensations of X as a result of reading this.
  • The reader will experience the feeling that this evokes in them.
  • This provides more insight into the reader’s feelings of despondency, sadness, and melancholy.
  1. The reader may likely experience sensations (such as melancholy and grief) as a result of this.
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Which phrase is often used to introduce a quotation?

  • One phrase that is frequently used to open a quotation is ″according to the author,.″ For example, ″children with ADD have a shorter attention span than children without ADD″ (author’s last name, year, page) is a phrase that is frequently used to introduce a quotation.
  • Since its founding in 1864, Gallaudet University has been recognized as the world’s preeminent institution for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

How can I avoid using ‘said’ or ‘says’ a lot when quoting sources?

  • When you quote from many sources, you may find yourself utilizing the words ″said″ and ″said″ rather frequently.
  • Consider replacing repetitive phrases with one of these alternatives: Remember that some of these are applicable only under certain circumstances, so keep that in mind.
  • For instance, the word ″argued″ is the only time it makes sense to use it when the person being cited is disputing about anything.

What’s another word for this shows?

What other term can you use to describe these shows?

this demonstrates this indicates
this establishes this reveals
this confirms this exposes
this proves this validates
this explains this supports

What is another way to say this evidence shows?

Evidence-Related Questions That Are Frequently Asked A few words that are sometimes used interchangeably with evidence include demonstrate, exhibit, manifest, and show. Even though all of these terms mean ″to show openly or make evident,″ the idea behind the word ″evidence″ is that it serves as proof that something is real or exists.

What can I write instead of in a quote?

  1. Cite and other synonyms for quotation
  2. Name
  3. Recall
  4. Please refer to
  5. Adduce
  6. Attest
  7. Detail
  8. Excerpt
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What should I say instead of this?

  1. This has already been stated
  2. As was already said
  3. Here
  4. As has been noted before
  5. That
  6. The evidence suggested
  7. The here and now

What is another word for show or display?

A few words that are frequently used interchangeably with showcase include exhibit, expose, flaunt, parade, and show. Although all of these expressions indicate ″to show in such a way as to elicit notice or attention,″ the emphasis of display is on putting something in a position where others may view it to their benefit.

How do you introduce evidence?

This is all that is required of you:

  1. Make marks on the display in advance
  2. Display it to the opposing attorney
  3. Put it on display for the witness
  4. Make sure you are asking the appropriate predicate questions
  5. Request that the court allow the exhibit (for an explanation of the terms used in magic, see below)
  6. Permit the clerk to affix the evidence stamp on the item

What is another word for supporting evidence?

What is another name for the evidence that supports something?

basis grounds
rationale reasoning
foundation justification
rationalisationUK rationalizationUS
reason base

How would you describe supporting evidence?

A claim can only be shown to be true if it is supported by evidence. A summary, paraphrase, or direct quote can all function as evidence in support of a claim. When writing the body paragraphs of an essay, supporting evidence is an essential component, and it is essential to exercise discretion when selecting evidence to include.

What words do you use to introduce a quote?

The reader will get a sense from the verb you chose to start the quotation of how you believe the original author felt about the words you are quoting from them. Some reporting verbs, like as ″explain″ and ″describe,″ are considered to be non-prejudicial. Other words, such as ″argue″ and ″insist,″ give the impression that the first author was trying to make a convincing case.

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How do you introduce a quote in a speech?

Introduce the person you are citing, especially if they are not a well-known figure, especially if the person you are quoting is not well-known. For instance, you may emphasize the number of years they’ve spent working in the sector or bring up their contribution to the discussion at hand. After that, use a quotation from them to demonstrate what you mean.

What can I use instead of a show in an essay?

Display, exhibit, flaunt, and parade are a few more words that are frequently used interchangeably with show.

What can I say instead of in this article?

  1. The following are synonyms for as stated in accordance with:
  2. In agreement with the following:
  3. I am in complete accord with
  4. Being in accord with
  5. To conform or accord with
  6. Keeping in line with
  7. In the same fashion as
  8. As was mentioned in

What can I write instead of these?


  • the above-mentioned.
  • the particular.
  • these.
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