When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies Movie Quote?

Allison Reynolds says that as you become older, your heart slowly stops beating. Who gives a damn, Bender?

Does your heart keep beating when you grow up?

A popular quote attributed to one of John Hughes’ characters is that ″when you grow up, your heart dies.″ However, the movie about coming of age demonstrates that not only does your heart continue to beat as you approach maturity, but also that it is still capable of shattering, which is something that adults who see these films will discover for themselves.

What is a famous quote from a movie?

Famous Movie Quotes 1.″May the Force be with you.″ 2.″May the Force be with you.″ 3.-Star Wars, released in 1977 2.″There’s no place like home,″ as the saying goes.The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1939) 3.

  • ″I rule over all the nations of the globe!″ -Titanic, 1997 4.
  • ″Carpe diem.
  • 6.
  • ″It’s a living thing!″ 7.
  • ″Everything in life is like a box of chocolates,″ my mother constantly remarked.
  • 8.

″You can count on me.″ 1984: The Year of the Terminator

What are the best quotes from Braveheart?

45. ″Get a grip on yourself!″ Moonstruck, released in 1987 46. ″As soon as you said ‘hi,’ you had me.″ 47. Jerry Maguire, released in 1996 They might be able to take our lives, but they’ll never be able to take our freedom! – The year 1995’s Braveheart 48.

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