Where To Put A Comma After A Quote?

When a comma or period is required after a quotation, publishers in the United States often insert the punctuation mark before the closing quotation mark.This is because the comma or period comes after the quotation mark.This practice exists for the sole purpose of enhancing the overall visual appeal of the text.At the very least, the convention may be traced back to the eighteenth century.

Do you put a comma before or after a quote?

When introducing a direct quote, a comma comes before the quotation marks, just like it did in the previous example. A comma should always be inserted within the quotation marks if there is an explanation of the quote’s speaker that comes after the actual quotation. He gave the following illustration when he remarked, ″I’m going to be a couple minutes late to class today.″

How to punctuate quotation marks in writing?

How to properly punctuate text using quote marks 1 Using commas and periods in conjunction with the quote marks In standard American usage, punctuation symbols such as commas and periods are often placed inside of the quote marks.2 A brief observation on the differences in the punctuation used in British and American English.3 The use of punctuation for individual words, characters, and incomplete phrases.

Do commas go inside quotes in a short story?

I am aware that commas are supposed to be placed inside of quotation marks, but what if the quotation marks are denoting a short story? The following is the portion of the sentence in which I am experiencing difficulty: Although The Gentle Lena by Gertrude Stein and ″The Other Two″ by Edith Wharton couldn’t be more unlike in content, they both feature strong female protagonists.

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What is an example of a comma in a sentence?

The form of punctuation utilized in American English requires that all commas and periods be positioned within the parentheses of a quotation. Dan said something along the lines of ″I can’t believe you’re actually having me do this,″ as an illustration. Dan mumbled, ″I can’t believe you’re actually having me do this,″ which was not the proper phrase.

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