Why Does Atticus Defend Tom Robinson Quote?

Atticus Finch gives his daughter Scout an explanation for why he is fighting for Tom Robinson by saying, ″Just because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no excuse for us not to attempt to win.″ Scout asks her father why he is fighting for Tom Robinson (76).

What has Atticus decided to do to defend Tom Robinson?

As Atticus Finch, I have come to the conclusion that Tom Robinson should be defended against the views that are prevalent in white southern society.I am conscious of the fact that by acting in this manner, I am crossing boundaries that the white community has so effortlessly drawn.They have separated themselves from people of color in this way on purpose so that they may be held to a higher standard.They have done this by standing in these lines.

What does Atticus mean by it is his moral duty to defend Tom?

Atticus feels that defending Tom Robinson is his moral obligation, as evidenced by the fact that he made this comment.Because of this, Atticus is aware that Tom has not committed any wrongdoing, and the only reason there is a trial is because the Ewells have made false charges against Tom.Atticus is also aware that Mayella has broken a family rule by kissing a black man, and that the Ewells are using Tom as a scapegoat to cover up their daughter’s transgression.

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What happened to Tom Robinson in to kill a Mockingbird?

Atticus Finch tries to secure Tom Robinson’s freedom in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee; however, he is unsuccessful in doing so for a number of reasons, but mostly because of the racial disparity that exists in the world at the time.Tom Robinson, a young black guy, is accused of raping a young white lady in the Alabama hamlet of Maycomb, which has a largely white populace.The victim is a young woman.

What is Atticus trying to convince scout to do?

Atticus is aware that by accepting Tom Robinson’s defense, he has opened the door for trouble for both himself and his family, and he continues to support Robinson. Atticus is especially concerned about shielding his children from the negativity that surrounds the trial, and in this scene, he is attempting to persuade Scout to disregard any harassment that is sent in her direction.

Why does Atticus defend Tom Robinson page?

Tom Robinson is defended by Atticus (Chapter 9, page 99) Atticus is under the impression that he must be morally responsible in order to keep his head up and maintain some kind of power over his children. In addition to this, he is not afraid to fight against the odds, despite the fact that he is well aware that he will lose before the fight even begins.

Why does Atticus feel he should defend Tom Robinson quote?

What is it about Tom Robinson that makes Atticus feel compelled to defend him? Atticus is of the opinion that it is morally acceptable to defend Tom Robinson regardless of the fact that Robinson is of a different race. He is of the opinion that he would not be able to keep his head on straight if he did not take the case.

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Who is Tom Robinson and why is Atticus defending him?

Mayella Ewell was wrongfully suspected of having been raped by Tom, who is a black guy. Because Atticus once told Scout, ″You never truly understand a person until you analyze things from his point of view – until you jump into his skin and walk about in it,″ Atticus defended Tom on the grounds that this statement (Page 30).

Who is Atticus defending in Chapter 9?

In a Nutshell: Chapter 9 Atticus has been requested to represent Tom Robinson, a black man who is accused of raping a white lady. Atticus is himself a black guy. Atticus informs Scout that despite the fact that he has little chance of winning the case, he must still defend it so that he may maintain his sense of fairness and his self-respect.

Why does Atticus feel he should defend Tom Robinson is it usual for white lawyers to do their best for black clients in Alabama during this time period?

Is it common practice for (white) lawyers in Alabama at this time to provide the highest level of service they can to black clients? Atticus is of the opinion that he ought to do all in his power to defend Tom Robinson. It is not the norm for white lawyers to do such a good job of defending black clients. Do Jem and Scout have what you could call ″mixed feelings″ about Christmas?

Why did Atticus take the case when he didn’t believe they would win?

Atticus agreed to take the case since he was need for cash at the time. Tom Robinson approached Atticus with a request to be represented by him.

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Who was Atticus defending?

Atticus Finch, the protagonist of To Kill a Mockingbird, acts as an attorney for Tom Robinson, a black man who is depicted as being accused of raping a young white woman. Although it may not have been prudent for Atticus to defend Tom given the implications that would place a strain on his family, doing so was still the ethical thing to do.

Who has Atticus agreed to defend in your own words explain why Atticus takes the case?

Explain in your own words why you think Atticus should take the case. Atticus has conceded that he will defend Tom Robinson, a black man, since if he did not do so, he would not be able to carry himself with dignity in the community or represent the country in the legislature. Atticus would never again be able to instruct Scout or Jem in anything to do with their lives.

What do we learn about Tom Robinson in chapter 9?

Atticus informs her about Tom Robinson, the individual whose defense he has been requested to provide. Tom is a family guy as well as a member of the church that Calpurnia attends. On the other hand, because to the fact that he is black, everyone considers it a scandal that Atticus took the case after Tom was detained.

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