Why Should Lyddie Not Sign The Petition Quote?

If you sign the petition, the result will be that you will be fired and blacklisted, which means that you will be unable to find work anyplace else. This is what the quotation implies. This lends credence to the notion that Lyddie should refrain from signing the petition since if she did so, she would put her entire future in jeopardy.

What are Lyddie’s reasons for not signing the petition?

She is worried that if she signs the petition and its conditions are approved, then she won’t be able to generate as much money, which might have devastating effects on her family. Although Lyddie feels compassion for the other women and girls who work at the factory, her primary motivation for doing so is to provide for her family.

Why did Lyddie go to Lowell?

After Lyddie lost her job as a housekeeper, she decided to seek employment in Lowell rather than anywhere else. They are collecting signatures on a petition for individuals who are interested in signing it since the working conditions were difficult, and the working hours were longer.

What petition does Lyddie decide to sign in Chapter 12?

Lyddie and her housemates had a conversation about the petition in chapter twelve. She has considered signing this statement requesting ten-hour workdays rather than the present standard of thirteen or more hours a day, but ultimately she has decided against doing so. Lyddie’s income has grown as a direct result of her hard work.

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Why Lyddie should sign the petition quotes?

Because Lyddie gets exhausted more readily due to her work at the factory, it is important for her to sign the petition. Lyddie should sign the petition because many of her friends fell unwell as a result of the petition. She should sign the petition because it will be the finest decision she ever makes in her life.

What would be a reason for Lyddie to choose not to sign the petition even if it would help Rachel?

Because Lyddie will be banned if she signs the petition, Lyddie should not sign it. To get banned from a facility means that you will never be able to work there again. In addition, it will be impossible to get Lyddie’s family together if they sign the petition if Lyddie decides to sign it.

What was the purpose of the petition in Lyddie?

Lyddie Worthen, a teenager from Vermont who comes from a low-income family, is putting in an incredible amount of effort to pay off a debt that her mother owes. However, because the working conditions are so deplorable, a lady by the name of Diana Goss drafted a petition and circulated it among the female employees of the factory so that they may all sign it.

Should Lyddie sign the petition for better working conditions?

Lyddie doesn’t know for sure if she should sign the petition or not. Even though there are those who might advise Lyddie not to sign the petition because she might lose her job and be unable to bring in any more money to pay off the debt, she really ought to because, even if she does sign the petition and loses her job, she will still have a better life and will be in better health.

How old is Lyddie in the book?

Synopsis of the plot In the year 1843, Lyddie and her family are inside their cabin when a bear comes in. Lyddie is 13 years old at the time. Lyddie protects her family by gazing down the bear for a sufficient amount of time to allow her relatives to ascend to the loft. The bear escapes without injuring anyone, but not without damaging some of their belongings.

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What about the working conditions makes Besty think she should sign the petition?

Why does Betsy feel compelled to sign the petition if it has anything to do with the working conditions? It’s possible that workers who signed the petition will be put on a blacklist (92). What exactly does this entail? To be blacklisted is to be placed on a list of individuals who are not eligible for employment.

Why is Lyddie anxious about the contract she signs?

She is concerned that if she signs the contract, she would be obligated to remain at that location indefinitely. She fears that the fast-paced life of the factory will be too much for her to handle. She is aware of her poor reading abilities and is thus unable to comprehend the guidelines.

How much does Lyddie get paid?

Lyddie wanted to know what the ″pink silk woman″ had to say, so she asked. Lyddie was a hard worker who would perform well in a mill in Lowell, Massachusetts, and would be an asset to the company. She would be able to support herself on a weekly income of $2.00. Vocabulary Talk things over with someone else both before and after you read the chapter.

What happens at the end of Lyddie?

Lesson Summary The story focuses on the main character, Lyddie Worthen, and how she tries to protect her family and the farm that they own. Lyddie has evolved during the course of the book, and by the time it’s through, she’s earned the right to make her own choices about her life.

What is the plot of Lyddie Chapter 12?

An disagreement broke out between Lyddie, Betsy, and Amelia one evening as the three of them were sitting in their room together. Amelia wanted to chat to Lyddie but Lyddie was busy reading her book. ″I’m busy,″ Lyddie said Amelia in response, and all she wanted was for her to leave her alone. Amelia appeared out of nowhere and pulled Oliver Twist from Lyddie’s grasp.

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Why is Diana leaving Why must she keep it a secret Lyddie?

Why would Diana ever consider leaving the factory, when it has always been such a vital part of her life?Then, Diana tells Lyddie that she needs to quit since it is against the laws of the workplace for her to be pregnant and continue working there.In addition, she tells Lyddie that she has no choice but to give birth by herself because the man she had been seeing at the time is already married.

Why does Betsy leave the mill?

The question arises in chapter 14 as to why Betsy decides to quit the mill. Because Betsy had signed the labor petition, she was sacked and put on a blacklist. Due to the state of her health, Betsy has no choice but to depart.

What working condition is the petition trying to change in Lyddie?

Because of the poor working circumstances, Diana decided to launch a petition in the hopes of reducing the number of hours workers are required to put in each week. At this point in the story, the working circumstances consist of long hours spent tending the looms, poor air quality, the spread of disease, and the use of potentially hazardous machinery.

What does Lyddie talk to the pink silk lady about?

Lyddie noticed that the woman who had been wearing the pink silk had reappeared one day. Lyddie was listening in when she overheard her discussing her time spent working in a factory in Lowell, Massachusetts.

What does Lyddie do for Rachel?

Rachel received a brand new clothing and a book to help her learn to read as a gift from Lyddie. Then, Lyddie compensated Mrs. Bedlow for the care that she had provided to Rachel. At the end, Lyddie had a hard time accepting the fact that she had spent so much money, but she was aware that Rachel need it, and she was responsible for taking care of her.

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