You Can T Be What You Can T See Quote?

″You can’t be what you can’t see,″ is a statement made by Marian Wright Edelman, the founder and president of the Children’s Defense Fund, which is regarded as one of the most memorable phrases from the movie.

What you see quotes?

Quotes About What You See. What I’m interested in learning from you is how you proceed when you have a look around. in addition, there isn’t someplace you want to go where you’ll be the only one there. You are unable to have. — Charlotte Eriksson. You’re dancing on me. stated the cosmic dragon, referring to the galactic surface as everything that can be seen here.

Who said “You can’t be what you can’t see”?

Marian Wright Edelman is attributed as saying, ″You can’t be what you can’t see.″ You can’t be what you can’t see, as the saying goes. Please join up if you’d want to know what your friends thought of this quotation.

Is it hard to be what you can’t see?

It is difficult to be that which one cannot perceive. It is essential for children of color to see representations of themselves in the books they read. Equally as essential is the fact that every youngster should have access to a broad variety of books that accurately portray the genuine diversity that exists in both our country and the rest of the globe.

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Do people tell you what they are thinking?

When you ask someone what they are thinking, they won’t always tell you. They will just take measures to ensure that you do not make progress in life. — Anthony ″Benny″ Hopkins If it’s not something you feel strongly about, you won’t have the stamina to see it through to the end, so be sure it’s something you’re interested in.

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