You Get What You Measure Quote?

It’s possible that what you get corresponds to what you measure. It’s more likely that all you’ll receive is exactly what you measure. What you don’t measure (or can’t measure) is what you lose. The Honorable H. Thomas Johnson

It’s safe to say that ″what gets measured gets controlled″ is one of the adages that’s been around the longest and is still largely believed to be true. After all, how could we possibly be in charge of managing something that isn’t even being measured? The excellent management theorist Peter Drucker is typically given credit for uttering these wise words.

Do you measure what you get?

You would object that it can’t be so easy, but psychologists and economists will tell you that it really is that simple.People modify their actions in response to the standards to which they are held accountable.If you measure anything, a person will be motivated to improve his score on whatever it is that you are measuring.Whatever it is that you measure, that’s exactly what you’ll receive.Period.

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What is an example of measurement quotes?

Measurement Quotes Quotes that have been labeled as ″measurement″ displaying items 1-30 out of 89 ″It is hard to escape the notion that people routinely employ wrong standards of measurement. That is, that they desire power, success, and fortune for themselves and admire them in others, and that they underestimate what it is in life that is truly valuable.″

What get measured gets done quote?

The adage ″What gets measured gets done″ is something that all of us are familiar with.It indicates that conducting frequent measurements and reporting helps you stay focused on your goals, as you utilize the data gathered from these activities to guide the decisions you make in order to enhance your outcomes.The metrics that matter the most to you are referred to as Key Performance Indicators.

Did Peter Drucker say what gets measured gets managed?

What gets measured gets managed — even when it’s pointless to measure and manage it, and even if it harms the purpose of the organization to do so.This is a shortened version of a much more powerful quote attributed to Drucker, which reads as follows: ″What gets measured gets managed — even when it’s pointless to measure and manage it, and even if it harms the purpose of the organization to do so.″

Who said what gets measured improved?

These wise remarks were said by the legendary management guru Peter Drucker over four decades ago, and they remain just as relevant as they were then.

What you measure you get more of?

″Perhaps what you measure is what you receive,″ said Thomas Johnson. It’s more likely that all you’ll receive is exactly what you measure. What you don’t measure (or can’t measure) is what you lose.

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What’s measured improves Drucker meaning?

Peter F.Drucker, a well-known management expert, was quoted as saying that, ″What is measured improves.″ It is absolutely true that the only things that are amenable to modifications and enhancements are those that can be assessed.Because of this, a great deal of life is reduced to numbers and statistics.For instance, providing good customer service is not something that can be seen or touched.

What gets measured gets done what gets rewarded gets repeated?

A well-known leadership trainer by the name of John E. Jones once remarked, ″What gets measured gets done. Whatever is measured and received as feedback is improved throughout time. Whatever is praised and applauded tends to be repeated. Once more, this highlights the need of sustaining gains in performance improvement through behavior adjustment.

What is Peter Drucker theory?

Drucker was of the opinion that those in charge of businesses needed to embrace what he called the ″spirit of performance.″ This meant acting in a way that demonstrated a high level of moral and ethical integrity, concentrating on results, delegating authority to employees, going above and beyond their financial obligations to shareholders, and ultimately serving the common good.

What you can’t measure you can’t improve Peter Drucker?

Peter Drucker, a prominent theorist in the field of management, is credited with coining the phrase ″you can’t manage what you can’t measure.″ Drucker is arguing that in order to determine whether or not one is successful, one must first define success and then track that accomplishment.

What does not get measured does not get done quote?

″What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed.″ ″What gets measured gets done.″ ″Measurement is the key to knowledge.″ However, I have not been successful in locating any reputable reference that attributes any of these forms to Peter Drucker or any other source that served as the original.

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What famous statement did Peter Drucker say?

″Knowledge is something that, if it is not continually refined, challenged, and expanded, will wither away and disappear.″ ″Management is getting things done the right way; leadership is getting things done in the right way.″ Listening carefully to what isn’t being said is the single most crucial aspect of effective communication.

Can only improve what you measure?

If you don’t measure it, you can’t expect to improve it. This remark, which is frequently credited to Peter Drucker, has aroused a great deal of praise as well as a great deal of ire. When measures are used as an aim in and of themselves, they have effectively relegated themselves to a position of irrelevance.

Who said what gets measured managed?

Peter Drucker, a renowned expert in management, reportedly stated that ″what gets measured, gets controlled.″ This is particularly relevant, as we were able to establish, to the difficulties that businesses suffer when attempting to measure the influence of the experience their customers have on the overall operation of the business.

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